A Time to Heal

January 2, 2023

By Nicole


Happy New Year! It’s been quite a full year, and it’s funny how I never realize that I’m going a million miles an hour until Jesus says, “Stop!” LOL. I admit it. I love love love being on the go (as long as I get a nap in between). 

So much of my journey has been the Father “testing me with time.” Telling me to “sit” or “be still” when I want to charge full force ahead and take the world by storm. As a result, when I get these seasons where I’m “free to be on the move”, I take full advantage.

I remember spending years in “cube land.” I would look around and see so many of my friends and peers with doors whipping open in their careers and wonder, “Why not me?” 

Now I have more understanding and know that God was building my character and maturing me so that I could be entrusted with the opportunities he wanted to eventually unleash. But at the time, the waiting just felt agonizing

There are moments it still does.

The thing is, lately, there is a word I’ve been getting that bares a striking resemblance to those seasons of waiting. 

I’ve gotten it from my chiropractor. I’ve gotten it from an audiobook I’m listening to. I’ve even gotten it from a woman who barely knows me, who I’ll be working with soon. 

The word is: “slow down.”

You guys may remember me getting that word when I fractured my foot and tore my ligaments, and ripped all of the tendons last year from a random Buckeye trying to take me out. What began as just a fracture led to a very serious injury that I took eight months to recover from. All because I wouldn’t slow down.

And now I’m dealing with intense back pain that I’ve been seeking healing for some time now. I’ve tried yoga, I’ve seen several chiropractors, had X-rays, MRI’s and blood tests, but to no avail. The pain is constant, and there are no answers.

The only word I’m getting is “rest.”

Over Christmas break, I found that stretching has been helpful, as well as foam rolling. I did try both previously, but for some reason have received more comfort this time around. I also connected with a fantastic masseuse who has the hands of God. I literally fall asleep while she works on me, which has never ever happened prior to this woman. Interestingly enough, she had a similar injury and faced similar back pain.

I’m reconnecting with my initial chiropractor, who mentioned that I need to not overstimulate my body. My mindset is to go all in (Doc, give me all the adjustments I need ASAP), but he thinks, “less is more.” So I’m trying not to hit the gym and strengthen those weakened muscles and focus more on stretching and foam rolling. 

It’s a slow path, but one that seems to be needed.

The audiobook I’m listening to, “True Grit & Grace,” is such an encouragement. This woman has a condition where she will always be in pain, yet has found ways to stay positive in the midst of it all. 

She also talks about how athletes (she’s a trainer and elite athlete) understand the importance of letting their bodies rest and their muscles recover from those training days.

Are you someone like me who needs to recover? Is it possible that the reason you’re still dealing with your hurt/pain/life issue is that you haven’t “slowed down”? 

Or maybe you’re like me and slow down for a little bit, only to speed back up without realizing it?

I’m reminded of a scripture in Ecclesiastes, where it’s mentioned that there is a time to heal. Sometimes our healing can’t come when we’re on the move. Often we recover from a cold/flu while sleeping or resting.

In 2023 let’s be intentional to find our rest. To find our healing. To tend to the bodies that we’ve been given in this life. After all, we only get one.

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