Always Stay Ready

February 21, 2022

By Nicole


This week I had the amazing opportunity to have my first TV interview. WOW. I am still in awe! The way that everything came about was so divine, that only Elohim could have orchestrated it that perfect. It really goes all the way back to last year when I joined a class on forgiveness. I was dealing with grief, hurt and unforgiveness. I knew I needed assistance with healing. Right around the time when I reached out to my former grief therapist, and she told me she was booked for the next three months, I received an email from her church (she is a leader there) where it detailed upcoming virtual groups dealing with a variety of issues. One of them was forgiveness. Clearly this was a sign! I joined right away where I met the leader of the group who wrote a book on forgiveness and healing. Definitely check out “The Power of Forgiveness”, by Sandra Heard if you’re in need of forgiving someone in your life. Sandra shares her beautiful journey of forgiving her husband of infidelity, and the healing and restoration the Father brought to their marriage.

Now, that group on forgiveness opened up the door to so much more. Not only did I have an amazing connection with Sandra, (who I have coined my writing mentor, BTW) but I joined her writing group, Akron Summit Scribes. Akron Summit Scribes is a powerful group of prophetic, anointed writers writing for the kingdom. They offer amazing support, resources and accountability for writers, and if you’re interested in learning more, just email me 🙂. Additionally, I worked with her husband Bobby, who did the book trailer for Urban Stories, which you can check out on any of my social media sites.

Now, it gets even better! Bobby works at a TV station called TCT (Tri-State Christian Television) and that, my friends, is how the hook up happened. I received a fervent call from Sandra, sharing that the guest for the show was unavailable, and they needed someone ASAP. Could I be there the next morning to be interviewed? After scanning my calendar with lightening speed, I saw that, yes, I could squeeze in the 30 minute drive to and from Akron. I was free!

You guys know that scripture that says “Be ready in and out of season?” I felt like it was manifesting at that moment. I literally had to have my paperwork, bio and headshot to the station within hours and do it in between two calls with my own clients, and an interview I had with a prominent radio station that same day. (Which you can check out here BTW) 🙂.

Whew! When God does it, He does it. While everyone was hustling and bustling with nerves, I was chuckling inside. I couldn’t believe how God had ordered my steps and used me to be a representative of Him. I have had so many experiences where I have been stressed or worried about one thing or another, but He has taught me over and over again to trust Him, and He always works it out. So this time, I only had peace. I knew He was at work, and we were all in His hands.

This event also reminded me of a scholarship competition I was in in grad school. Myself and two other women were presented with a case where we had to create a proposal and pitch it in under 48 hours. We were the underdog. While every other group had the benefit of having a coach, we did not. (For some reason she was unavailable.) And while every other group had four actual business students, we had three, and a high school student, who was more of an intern and shadowing us. But do you know we rose to the occasion and came in 3rd out of hundreds of students? Only God. We were all Believers, and now looking back I see that the Holy Spirit was our Coach.

One of my teammates in that group was amazing. Interestingly enough, her name was also Nicole. She was definitely the leader of the group. She was polished, she kept her cool under pressure, and she shined during that time. I felt like her the other day when all of these events were happening simultaneously and the pressure was on. But God had already prepared me for the moment. The door flew open, and I sailed through.

I can see this pattern in my life where there is a period of long suffering and then BOOM, the door flies open. God is so faithful to reward those who diligently seek him. And, (I would say), even those who seek Him, but not so diligently 🙂.

He has seen my hard work, and after so many years I cautiously say, it is finally paying off.

I will be certain to let you all know when the interview drops, and, I’ll see you ALL at the top!

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