Are You a Truth Teller?

January 28, 2024

By Nicole


Even as a young child, I harbored an irritation toward those I perceived as lying. There was just something about lying that got under my skin. And, additionally, those who did it. Part of me didn’t understand the need, and I can see now it’s because I’m a pretty open person. This little blog and my nonfiction books are indicators that I could even be more open than most. But back then, I can recognize that my ruffled feathers at lies were indicative of a gifting I have. One that my spiritual spheres would call the prophetic. 

I know these days we don’t hear the word “prophet” often unless perhaps its associated with some looney-bin cult, so let me flesh it out a little bit with sound information. 

Those in Biblical days known as prophets were, in their basic form, “truthtellers”. They proclaimed a word that was true and sound, even if their audiences didn’t want to hear it. Especially when they didn’t. That word wasn’t about condemning its hearers. It was to shed light on their actions, affording them an opportunity to turn their hearts away from their behaviors and back to God. The word was shedding light and, in a sense, exposing.

I’ve found myself in a position lately of “exposing.” The burning inside my being to uplift righteousness and bring forth justice has manifested a few times, some publicly and some privately. But in all cases, I’ve given hard words in hopes that the recipients would take inventory of their motives and decision-making. 

The way we respond to truth reveals our character. Share on X

We all make mistakes. We all fall short. Yet those who desire to live uprightly are those who live in the light and welcome correction.

I’ve had to humble myself many times over the years when I’ve been corrected. The correction itself can feel embarrassing, but that’s when our values come into play. Do we value actually having an upright character more than we value being perceived as having one? 

Some just want to look good more than they actually want to be good. Share on X

I’ve heard that 2024 is the “Year of Exposing.” I never give much weight to these catchy New Year slogans, but I couldn’t help but pay a little more attention to this one since it seemed so in line with how the Holy Spirit was having me move.

If 2024 is about exposing, understand that God will send a prophet, not just so we can see our folly but also so we can be restored. A great example of this is when David made a slew of bad decisions by taking another man’s wife, exerting his authority to coerce her into having sex with him (depending on your interpretation of the text), and then killing that man. It wasn’t until the prophet Nathan explained his ugly deeds through a parable that David’s eyes were open. I think David is a great example of how we can be people after God’s heart and still make mistakes. 

It is not our mistakes that define us, but how we respond once we realize we've made them. Share on X

Weeks ago, there was a pretty big hoopla in the urban comedic community where a well-known comedian called out a plethora of his peers. The video went viral and now has over 55 million views. Really, what are we doing with our time people? LOL. The video is so long it literally took me 3 days to watch. Now, I don’t have a clue if everything that was said was true or anything at all, but what I do think is that people want truth. Yes, some want gossip, and some just want to keep up with the trends of pop culture. However, there is still a desire for the raw, authentic, unwatered-down truth burning in the hearts of this generation. How do I know this? Because this is the generation that craves justice. They will cancel you in a heartbeat, whether or not their decision to do so is adequately justified. But it’s from that eagerness for justice that they move.

Justice sits on the shoulders of truth. We can only have justice once the truth is exposed.

Being a journalist has given me another outlet for my call to release truth. Digging for facts, compiling research, and conducting interviews are all pleasurable occurrences in my final output of storytelling in the form of journalism. 

So, maybe our modern-day prophets aren’t dressed in rags, with beards to their knees, dirty fingernails from eating bugs all day, and scratchy throats from crying in the wilderness, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!” No. Maybe they look just like you and me. Sitting at a computer. Filming on their phones. Posting on social media. 

Maybe they are portals of divine insight as to when things aren’t right.

And they obey in telling it. 

At all cost.

I want to take a moment to highlight an organization that does value truth-telling. This weekend I had the pleasure of partnering with Metropolitan Coffee, a female-owned coffee shop here in CLE. The Owner made me feel so welcomed, and truly was used to help me heal from past negative experiences with organizations that do not value truth. It is a reminder that we are not alone in our desire for righteousness. We just have to find our tribe.

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