There are moments when you know that God is about to hook. You. Up. I was bundled in my fly winter peacoat with one of my spiritual mothers on our way to a play during one of these moments. She really stepped in when my mom passed, and over the last several years, our “loosely-connected” relationship, became tightly woven. 

One of my many blessings is the people in my life who see a need and run to meet it without a second thought. She is one of those people.

We had tickets to see “Black Nativity” by Langston Hughes. The play was presented by a local arts performance company where I took classes as a kid. Even better.

We headed for downtown Cleveland in search of a parking spot. I think parking spots at downtowns in every city are hard to find and over-priced. The going rate was 20 bucks on every sign we passed, but I am truly a stickler for getting a good deal, so I pressed on, hoping that we could find something better.

We rolled inside a lot where the $5 sign seemed to wave, heartily beckoning us inside. Immediately we saw that it was jampacked with cars, and my heart dropped at the idea that we could ever find an opening. But then, suddenly, way in the back, was the very last available one. 

I knew then it was going to be a good night.

We traipsed down the streets around a few blocks until we landed at Playhouse Square. One of the reasons I enjoy my city is because we are a cultured lot. There is always something going on in the artistic community. It’s also nice that we have an abundance of flavor and soul. Meaning, we have a lot of Black people LOL.

To our surprise, we sauntered inside the theater and were stunned at the beautiful Christmas decorations. Trees of all shapes and sizes were donned in bulbs, lights, and ornaments of all kinds. Happily, we glided through the maze of decor, simultaneously taking pictures and taking in the moment. This experience was another way I knew God was showering us with love.

Finally, we made it to our seats that just happened to be in the very first row, where we were wowed with the perfect view of the orchestra. This little fact was an even sweeter one for my companion, a talented pianist, and musician. The funny thing is that even though I purchased the tickets, I didn’t know they were that close to the stage, so I had a pleasant surprise myself.

Soon the stage was filled with beautiful brown folks wrapped in African garments, belting with song and gyrating with rhythm. The story of Mary, Joseph, and a Baby Jesus unfolded in a plethora of African-styled celebrations. I loved it and have never seen the gospel shared so beautifully.

We were soon enraptured in worship and in creative expression of the Creator, and there were moments I struggled to keep my hands from shooting to the sky in praise. I definitely was unable to keep my mouth from singing along.

It was an amazing experience, and I just wanted to share it with you, dear reader. Life can be a tumultuous, emotional journey of ups and downs, especially during the holiday season. But then there are gifts lavished upon us in just the ways we need. 

Whether it’s a word of encouragement from a perfect stranger or a dear friend, or maybe, it is an exhibit of love via the vehicle of dance and song. I think, depending upon our personality and identity, it comes in a way that we will understand and for sure cannot miss.

Black Nativity reminded me that even though there are dark times on this earth, we are promised hope. 

The birth of Christ gave each of us an eternal promise that “…though weeping may endure for a night, joy is sure to come in the morning.

And sometimes, I’ve even found, that it comes in the midst of the weeping.

Me celebrating the birth of Christ…

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