Christmas In The Sand

December 25, 2020

By Nicole


As soon as we landed I felt different. A long awaited smile broke through under my mask and I’m sure the sunshine reflected the gleam in my eyes easily. In just 6 hours I was transported from 30 degrees with snow to 80 degrees with sand. It’s kind of miraculous when you think about it, but not as miraculous as those Bible days when God supernaturally did it Himself and didn’t use man’s aircraft. Still, I was experiencing a miracle nonetheless and I wasn’t going to miss this miracle, pandemic and all.

Due to Covid-19 there were all these precautions that led me to standing in the heat for a good 30 minutes as I waited to get my temperature checked and fill out a form that said I didn’t have the virus (and if I did I could possibly be held hostage in this country I was visiting) but none of this scared me because I had a word from God: He had orchestrated this trip and I would be fine. I told this to my friend who was anxious that she wouldn’t make it when her test results didn’t come on time. And again when I took the test prematurely and had to take it twice in one week, just so I was within the bounds of the website’s instructions. I held on to that word because it was clearer than most things have been clearer to me in this season.

Finally, we were released from this pandemic-inspired process and I grabbed my luggage, stripped my layers (trading my boots and hoodie for sneakers and a tank) and got the car rental. They drive on the left side of the road here and I was forewarned of this fact but didn’t let it deter me because I had another word from God: We (He and I) are going on an adventure. Now, thankfully the kind host of my air bnb (who’s name is Keith but my friend likes to call him Kevin) decided to join in on this adventure and literally drove out to the airport to lead me to my new temporary home when my phone wasn’t working, and I had no internet to pull up those vital directions (Shout out to Keith, fondly known as Kevin). And even though it was tedious for me to turn right back around to pick up my friend and I really should have just had Keith (aka Kevin) wait another half hour before leading me to our destination, I didn’t because I had this desire to conquer this small but significant feat (driving on the left side of the road is pretty bad a$$ , if you ask me😏). So when I finally got to my friend, I found the poor thing the last one there but in good spirits (she surely is a trooper!) We finally made it home after getting lost a few times and calling Keith/Kevin for instructions, but we learned quickly the need to “pin” our destinations to avoid all that unnecessary hassle.

The next day we figured out our way to the beach and that’s when I knew without a doubt God was with us. I stood on the warm sand looking out in the clear blue water in my cute pink suit and inhaled this beauty then exhaled it’s wonder. Peace and love from the Most High filled my heart. Thoughts of my failures (especially the most recent ones) flashed through my mind and confusion settled upon it. How could He love me so much? Giving me this experience in the midst of a world wide pandemic while many were suffering? How could I have this opportunity when the world was fighting an unseen enemy? But I was. And He did. And the only answers were: undeserved Grace, indescribable Mercy, and unfailing Love.

Depicted here is one of those extravagant “high” moments of life that I wish were the normal, but will desperately cling to when the lows hit again. And shown here is the one thing that I have not felt in so long, but has filtered through to my heart and wrapped it’s loving hands around it ever so gently.

It is hope.

Thank you all for your prayers and hope for me this year. Merry Christmas and blessings to you and yours❤️.

P.S: shout out to Colbie Caillat for her stellar Christmas album “Christmas In the Sand” which is one of my favs ☺️❤️💃🏾


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  1. LaTaunya

    Glad that you are enjoying yourself. Sending love your XOXOXO

    • Nicole M.

      Thank you!!!