Dreams, Legacies, & Destiny

December 10, 2023

By Nicole


I haven’t done this in a while, but I have a word on my heart for this next year. The word is legacy. Like most folks, I used to get excited about the New Year and the new it would bring. Now, I wasn’t silly enough to think that just because it was a new year, I could hit the gym and develop a six-pack overnight only to fall off by March. No. I at least understood that those abs needed to be targeted over a consistent amount of time throughout the year. And even then, I’ve never been able to obtain them. Maybe three packs, but certainly not six. 

But where my folly would surface was confusing my dreams and desires with my destiny. I thought that just because I wanted it, it would happen. And it would happen exactly how I wanted it to. Maybe part of this was because of the encouragement I received as a child. I was told I could achieve anything I wanted. I was affirmed in my intelligence and giftings. Learning that others were not has made me even more grateful for this.

So, I took my little mindset that my desires were to be met along for the ride in my adulthood. Every New Year I anticipated that my desires would be met, only to learn that adulting means your desires are not always met. Your dreams do not always come to fruition. Life is more complicated than that.

Somewhere in Christendom, there was a false message interlaced with what we learned by reading fairy tales. “God wants me to get exactly what I want,” was said messaging in a nutshell. It was like the gospel was baked inside of a Disney Movie cake with Jesus as the topper. Many of us gobbled it up, hungrily but sadly, that wasn’t the true gospel at all.

The true gospel was to lose one’s life. The true gospel was to die to one’s self. The true gospel was to give up one’s desires. Share on X

There was a point in my journey where I went through a series of tests in my career only to find myself re-unemployed, heartbroken, and grieving with hair loss. I was offered a position with my previous employer who had already demonstrated their corruption and vindictiveness toward me. Working for them was the last thing I wanted to do. But I had been so crushed and pressed in my spiritual journey by the tests and trials. My heart was so humbled that I found myself spread eagle on the floor, uttering the words, “Lord, do You want me to go back?”

And there it was. Me getting to that point of letting go of what I wanted and being open to what the Divine wanted. Even when it wasn’t what I wanted. 

Especially so.

The faith journey has so many twists and turns, we can feel like we are pretzels. I have felt like a pretzel for most of it. Even during the high times, there is always discomfort. A thorn, jaggedly sticking in my side that won’t go away as I fight to celebrate. 

I’ve learned from this thorn to not hold on too tightly to those highs. And to not be so presumptuous about the future.

When I was younger that presumption was stapled to each of those words I had about the new year. So, even though I have this word, “Legacy” I am cautious with it. I hold it loosely.

The thing about legacy is that the inheritance doesn’t always need to be passed down into one’s bloodline. I don’t have children and had a friend ask me what would happen to my assets if I died? That was a good question. There is no one physically to share them with. Yet, I can’t help but think about things I have received from others I’m not related to. People who have adopted me into their clan. Sisters when I lost my sister. The Father when I lost my father. Spiritual mothers when I lost my mother. I believe that when we leave this earth, we are leaving our imprint on those we’ve touched in this world. That can happen through the vehicle of our work, gifts, and the things we teach. For me, it is through my writing. I love that writing will outlive me and that I can glean from the writers who came before me. I know that the path they carved out in creating and releasing is one that I am now trotting on. Even better, some of them are still on this earth, trotting ahead of me.

I was recently watching a documentary about a man who is a great creator. His story is one of enormous triumph in overcoming hard things. I know his life is a picture that those who have little can obtain much.

That means there are people who have had less who’ve believed for more.

That has been the word on my heart. I know God is encouraging me to believe again. To dream again. To know that my legacy will manifest. Even as those who have gone before me have manifested destiny by believing blindly.

Those are the ones “of whom the world is not worthy.”

Don’t give up on your dreams, friend. Even if certain things don’t happen for you, they can happen for those who come behind.

All because you believed.

And, if you were curious, God didn’t ask me to return to my corrupt employer. Instead, He rewarded me with a nine-year stint at a new, better company that launched me into the field of Accounting. He gave me something better in return for that blind surrender.

It is only when we lose our lives that we truly find them.

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