Every Need Supplied

October 3, 2021

By Nicole


I remember when I was younger in my faith, and I would attend my spiritual group. We would sing a song that talked about how every need was supplied. How many of us have sang those worship songs and hardly placed too much thought about what exactly we were singing?🙋🏾‍♀️🙄 Well, that was probably one of those songs for me (and if anyone knows the name of it, feel free to email me, because I surely do not remember😂). I never once really meditated on how God supplies all of our needs when we are in Him, and though I have testimony after testimony of His provision, it is only now that I am awakening to the understanding of this provision through His body.

Yesterday I had an appointment to get an MRI so that my doctor can know if it’s just the foot that’s fractured, or if we have some other stuff going on🙄. So, I was my typically responsible self and pre-planned my morning, making sure I had enough time to get ready, eat and call for a driver. All went smoothly enough, until my driver shows up and says that she no longer sees my request in the system. Ok, so now I’m confused. Because clearly this is a technological issue since you made it all the way to my house just fine and that is the evidence that at one point my request was actually in the system. But now you are saying it’s not?🤔🙄 Hmmm. It became obvious to me that I did not want to ride in this woman’s car anyway because her attitude and demeanor exuded negativity. Even when she came to pick me up, instead of pulling all the way into my driveway (which is located on a hill) she parked at the curb and expected me to hobble down the hill on crutches. 🤦🏾‍♀️ While every other person (professional driver or otherwise) has had the common courtesy and compassion to actually pull up to my home. Some have even offered to assist me into the car! So, I asked this woman what exactly she wanted to do about this issue with my ride request not being in her system and she said that she could not take me to my destination. Fine. I let her be on her merry way while my mind raced to figure out who could take me to this doctor’s appointment at such short notice?! I hit up my friend who lives around the corner, (waking her from a deep sleep, mind you) and she agreed she was coming. I felt horrible because said friend has 4 kids and a husband, and I’m sure a host of other things planned that Saturday morning that did not include transporting me across town on such short notice. But, I was in need and so I reached out on a whim. Shortly after I set up my new ride, the driver I initially called, called me back and said that my ride request had mysteriously reappeared again in her system. Ok. What does this mean lady? She wanted to know if I wanted her to come get me. There were a few hostile back and forths (I’ll spare you the details) and ultimately, I told her to cancel the ride. I could easily tell from all of the red flags that I did not want a ride from this woman.

Thankfully, my friend shows up within minutes, we speed through a stop sign or two, while I hastily explain my interactions that morning. She was empathetic, and as soothing as a morning cup of coffee on a Fall day. I ended up making it to my appointment 5 minutes early and was then met with very compassionate service people, one of which had overcome a similar injury, and was now hopping around as if she had never been injured!

The rest of my day was pretty low key, but I did not miss the lesson from my morning encounter, and that is this: When the body is functioning as normal, then every need is supplied and no one goes without. Some members of God’s body have strengths and resources that others do not have, and when we are functioning according to our original calling and identity, everything gets done for the kingdom. We all work together in such a way that the Father’s agenda is fulfilled because we are truly His hands and feet in the earth.

The other revelation that I am currently mulling over, is that when there is an injury to one part of the body, other body parts have to overcompensate. I am experiencing this within my own body. My wrist now hurts because of the way I keep landing on it when I sit down. My quad was hurting from it bearing my weight when using my scooter. My left ankle is now sore from bearing more weight since the right ankle cannot assist. I think this is similar to God’s body. When one part of His body is down and out, other body parts feel it, and are affected, simply because we are all connected.

Whew! There’s been a lot of eye-opening insights through this journey of healing and I know God is using it to teach me my need for His people.

                                                   (Special shout out to my friend Robin for coming through for me in a serious clutch!)

Truly God keeps showing up through my community, to the point that even if the enemy rears his ugly head, and tries to thwart me from my recovery, God rises up to keep me on track.

He gets me exactly where I need to be.

Right on time.

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