Faithful With the Small

April 25, 2022

By Nicole


There’s a concept my friends and I have been talking about lately, and that is being faithful with the small. When I look back on my journey I can see God giving me things on a certain level, and then giving me the same thing on a larger scale. Like when I worked for a call center after college. I knew His word to me was, “Nicole, if you are faithful working for someone else, I will give you your own business.

*Clears throat* Say hello to business owner Nicole D. Miller 🙂 This phenomenon of increase is a principle we see in scripture. David was a boy who cared for sheep, and then became a man who cared for God’s sheep. Joseph was a manager for Potiphar and then became a manager for Pharaoh. Elevation and promotion are the Father’s intent and I believe when we demonstrate that we are a good steward, He wants to give us increase. It is a law. I was talking to a friend recently who spent a whole month investing his coaching services in me. He has reaped so much from his own faithfulness and I admire him for a few reasons. One of them is his heart, and the other is his ability to believe. He is able to coach others not by hearsay but because he practices what he preaches. Say hello to my friend Manny Hall, Brand Development Coach: @mannyhall

In our very last coaching session he and I talked about the laws of God. Some may perceive them as the laws of the universe or the laws of nature. Regardless in what they are called, there are principles which are jewels for humanity in the earth. Sowing and reaping are some of these jewels. I am in awe that my whole writing career started out with a blog. This blog. One blog that I only started because I was reading blogs. One blog that birthed out a blog post about heartbreak, which led to two more books about heartbreak, which led to me being a fiction writer, a host of podcast interviews and my very first TV interview! My God. It made me wonder, what if I had never started the blog? What if I had never written the book? What if?

I could never have known that one step of obedience would reap so many other rewards.

And that causes me to pose the question to you. What is the one thing you can do that will be life changing for your path? What is the one thing that will lead to the next thing, and the next thing? The good news is, you don’t have to know the one thing that will happen down the line, you just have to know the very next thing you are called to today. Today, for me, that thing is to write.  

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