Filling the Gap

September 13, 2021

By Nicole


This weekend I had a a few events booked for my book-selling engagements. Only problem was I hadn’t anticipated that I would have fractured my ankle when I paid for the tables for said events🙄. When I told my friend my dilemma, she suggested I reach out to my community and see if folks could help me with getting back and forth since the fractured ankle is my driving foot. Hmm. I will be 💯 y’all, I did NOT want to hear this! I am just not the one to be depending on people. Now, if YOU have something going on where YOU need ME, then yea, I’m about that life all day! But if the roles are reversed, I feel SUPER uncomfortable 🤦🏾‍♀️. That being said, I knew that just by my internal response (the slight cringing coupled by the unsettling of my stomach) that this suggestion from my friend was probably God. So, I reached out, and did as she suggested (whew 😅). Now, in the midst of reaching out, one clear realization surfaced: “My mom would be here”. My mom, the one who was the most reliable person I’ve ever met, would have picked me up, stayed all day, sold some books 📚 , sat by my side, and been my ride home. My mom. The one who worked at the same company for 25 years, though she didn’t necessarily love it but knew it was steady income and she was a single parent raising her child, so who has preferences then? My mom, the one who drove me crazy and erked the mess out of me and was codependent and would cut off an offender in a second, but who I knew that when I was laid off and couldn’t get a job, I could at least camp out on her couch instead of facing homeless. The same woman who laid down her life for me. Sacrificed so that I could go to good schools, get good jobs and have a better life than she did. My mom. Who I miss everyday and I don’t think that will ever change no matter how many highlights God throws my way.

But you know what? Even though she wasn’t here in the natural, I know her spirit still is. Because the love she had seems to be spread out amongst the men and women in my community. The same ones who responded to my text and orchestrated and got me to said events. They picked me up and fed me and got me water. They stayed with me and supported me and made sure I had everything I needed to pursue this venture God has so diligently laid on my heart.

I know this life isn’t easy. There’s no day that goes by that I don’t struggle. But I also know God makes provision. It may not look the way we want it to, but it’s there. This weekend was just an example of that. I was out of my mind with frustration as to how this was going to play out, but just as He always does, He had me. And I believe the same for you.

Have you had an experience where you struggled with depending on others? If so, why do you think that is? Would love to hear your comments below!

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