From Anointed to Appointed

May 26, 2024

By Nicole


The thing about promises from God is there is often no time frame that explicitly states when it’s supposed to be delivered. Take David for example. He was a young shepherd boy, estimated to be between the ages of 10-15 when he was anointed king. Guess how old he was when he was finally appointed to the throne? Not 15 years old. David was a whopping 30 years old by the time the prophecy was manifested concerning his life. This sounds like a horrible waiting time for our guy David, but if you read the story, you know he wasn’t just sitting around twiddling his thumbs. No, he was enduring some very difficult experiences that were ultimately preparing him for the promise.

When I was a fresh new grad from Miami University, I really struggled with my peers who seemed to land on their feet after graduation with salary-figured stuffed paychecks and fancy desks or cubicles. I longed for a cubicle, LOL. But what I didn’t realize was that I didn’t have the same starting point as my Middle-class peers. I was lacking in a few areas and one of those areas was self-awareness. Another area was emotional intelligence. Honestly, the list goes on to include people skills, but I’ll cut myself off there to keep my self-esteem intact. Now, maybe some of my lack of opportunity was also due to my lack of being connected with those who had a step up in the world, but I think even God uses that to work for our good. I wasn’t ready for that big step in my career from a maturity standpoint.

I needed to develop.

Guess how God chose to develop me? Through the period I was initially anointed for my calling into business, and the final period of being appointed.

It was during the waiting.

You may resonate with the analogy of a child who is learning to ride a bike. No one in the world that I know of starts off riding a 10-speed. No. Every 5-year-old that I have come across begins with training wheels. I have a vivid memory of growing up in Toledo, Ohio, and learning to ride a bike. The neighborhood kids were trying to teach me in the large driveway we had in our apartment complex. The very next day I decided I had the guts to do it all by myself. Well, I didn’t take into account the downhill slope of that wide driveway. All was going well for the few moments I was flying free until I ran smack dab into a parked vehicle. Blood was everywhere.

I think that’s what can happen if we’re promoted too quickly. Someone or something is going to get hurt. 

Our accuracy in performance, our maturity, and decision-making ability are not where they need to be before we are appointed. We are still learning. We are still wobbling on those two wheels, jerking the handlebars while tightly gripping each one. We are riding unsure.

And then there’s the issue of character. Having high morals and values goes a long way. A long time ago I was given a word, “Nicole, you have so many gifts but your character needs to match your gifts.” That was an accurate word. I was good at a lot of things. But you know what happens when you’re good at stuff, yet have poor character? 


We are seeing that now in the Black community. Many so-called “heroes” have fallen as a result of having great gifting, yet poor character and I suspect this is only the beginning. Even if your career or legacy lasts 50 years, if the foundation is not right the house will fold like a house of cards.

I know the waiting can be hard. Even life-threatening. Saul was trying to murder David after all. But God’s word is His word. It does not fail. It will come to pass. The timing may not be what we want it to be, but it will be perfect.

When I was finally released into the next level of my career, I took heed of the dates concerning this transition. On 2.23.07 I was told I could not move forward into my new position. On 4.23.07 I was released into my new position. I knew this was significant, but I did not know why. It is not until this season that I am connecting the dots and understanding the significance of the number 23 in my life. To add icing on the cake I was 23 years old when all of that happened. 

God is so intentional with you that He goes out of His way to map out your life according to divine order and timing. Don’t miss the perfect timing He has orchestrated by rushing. That period until appointment is vital for the next level and will come at the appointed time.

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