Girl on Crutches Coming Through!

September 26, 2021

By Nicole


I’m on week 8 of my healing journey with this ankle. But as you guys know, I truly just started doing what I needed to do🙄. I just went to the doctors a little over two weeks ago where I found out my foot was actually broken😞 , and then ordered a boot off Amazon. The next week, my good friend came over with crutches, and I’ve been hobbling around ever since…Now, while clearly God has been providing, and my peeps have totally come through with helping me, I definitely hit some bumps in the road. Literally…

One said bump, was when I went down to the Red Cross to give blood. I’ve never actually given blood before guys, and do not even know my blood type 🤦🏾‍♀️ , so when I met a woman a few weeks ago who shared the deficit we have in the Black community with people giving blood, I jumped at the chance. So, even though I’m hobbling around, and it takes me FOREVER to get ready, and there is so much more effort to do ANYTHING these days, and I’m not driving, so I gotta pencil in ordering a Lyft, and then finagling my way into the vehicle, well, I did it. Because I did the exact same thing days before to get my nails and eyebrows done, so surely giving blood is much more important, right?

So, I get there, after having a very encouraging spiritual conversation with my Lyft driver, (who used to have to wear a boot herself, but healed and is fine now), and hobble my way into the hospital entrance where the lady at the desk compliments me, though all I can think is, “Thanks, but I am in a war zone on these crutches, and running late to this appointment, and can someone please point me in the direction of the Red Cross?” But of course, I say none of this. Instead, I smile, and thank her, and hobble over to the receptionist, who tells me I gotta make it across the lobby, then go downstairs on the elevator, “then turn right”. So, I size up the football field-sized cafeteria/lobby she is directing me too (but it’s not really that big, it just feels that way on my crutches), and set my mind on my destination. This is probably where I should mention that at this point I am actually having issues with my left “good” ankle. Since it is bearing so much more weight than normal, and since I have actually sprained that ankle twice before, it is now sore and uncomfortable. But it’s all I’ve got, so I ignore the pain. I make it across, like I’m the Israelites following Moses through the parting of the Red Sea, only to be confused once I’m out of the elevator as to where exactly the entrance is? A woman in a mask muffles that it’s where she just came from, while pointing behind her, and after several miscommunications (between her mask and my mask) I head inside, cross the security guard who looks at me compassionately as I hobble, then finally approach the people in white coats who work for Red Cross. I stand (or haunch, however you want to view it) in victory like a runner who just finished their very first 5k, only to have the white coats tell me that, “We can’t take your blood, since you’re injured.”

What now? What was that? Maybe I am not hearing correctly. Maybe, the work I’ve put into getting dressed, and getting a ride, and navigating the hospital, has left me so depleted that now I am hearing things!

But no, I am not losing my hearing on top of my current condition. The people in the white coats repeat themselves, explaining that because I’m injured, and because my body actually needs the red blood cells I would be donating to repair itself, they won’t take my blood. Ahh. Makes perfect sense. Too bad I didn’t know that before. The talking coats offer me a seat, and a bottle of water, but I decline both because I’m done. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. I’m exhausted, and I just need to use all of my energy to turn around, make it back up the elevator, across the football field-sized cafeteria, passed the receptionist, passed the complementary lady checking for Covid who thought I was cute, even with my mask on, and even while I’m on crutches, through the double doors of the entrance, and outside, where I plop into the nearest wheelchair available.

I skipped the part where I cried you guys. I cried, and sent a text to my community to pray. Because I knew, in that moment, I cannot do this alone.

The good news is, the prayers were effective and were answered in the form of a young man named Maurice. Maurice was my Lyft driver and truly a blessing. He posed just one question after helping me into his very clean, and smelling good Toyota, and it was over for me.

“So, how are you doing?” he asked. The floodgates broke. I wished I could have been the cordial, light-hearted individual I normally am with perfect strangers, but Maurice caught me at a rough time ya’ll. I balled, while telling Maurice about my failed efforts that day and how I was horribly embarrassed that I was crying to a perfect stranger. And did I mention this is definitely not normal behavior for me? But Maurice smiled, and nodded, and was very empathetic and understanding. And somehow the conversation evolved to topics of healing, and spirituality and growth. You see, Maurice too was a Believer. And he had been through some things. He understood all too well the need to cry to a perfect stranger in the back of their car on a beautiful fall day. But the things is, Maurice and I were not strangers. We knew each other by the Spirit. And God knew exactly who I needed to speak with that day, and what I needed to carry me forward on the remaining path of healing.

By the time I left Maurice, I was encouraging him, and laughing with joy. We were both smiling, and God had did a work in both of us. That is the power of the Holy Spirit. And that is what happens when I realize, I cannot depend upon myself.

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