God is Looking for Davids

February 25, 2024

By Nicole


Being tucked inside an arena of entrepreneurial heavy-hitting leaders is often an amazing experience. I look around, and I’m like, Wow. How did I get here? How did the who’s who of their craft become my peers? When did I transform into a recognizable face when I enter the room? Folks remembering my name when, sadly, I struggle to recall theirs. (Side note, this is truly a flaw on my part and should never be taken personally.) In truth, for me to get here, all it took was a made-up mind. All it took was coming into alignment with the Divine’s plan for me. All it took was saying, “Yes.”

But there’s the other side of that, yes. There is the looking around and being grieved by the state of the heart of those in leadership. The egos and the selfish agendas stitched to each conversation. Everyone vying to be seen, heard and ultimately worshipped. They don’t know that’s what they want. But it is.

I was saddened one evening after this experience. The room was stuffed with those who wanted everyone to look to them for the answers. And even what they shared wasn’t entirely untrue. They are gifted, talented, educated folks. It’s the heart that was off. The heart that screams, “Me! Me! Me!”

I used to be one of those “me” people.

I think most of us are in the beginning. Our nature is to point to our puffed-out chests and high-held chins and spout the inflated notions in our minds.

I used to be one of those inflated notioners. But then I embarked on a journey. On this journey, I was stripped of selfish agendas and ego-driven ideas. It was brutal. There’s just no other way to say it. But then, I heard the sweetest words from my Maker. He said, “I can trust you, Nicole.” Wow. Because of that journey of dying to self, because of that constant surrender, the laying down of my will for His, God can trust me. The Creator of all things can trust me.

That’s when I realized, God is looking for those He can trust. 

We often hear about trusting God in spiritual circles, but trust goes both ways in any relationship. God wants to be able to trust you, too.

Now, that can look different for each of us because we all have a different calling. Can God trust you not to steal from the company that you handle millions of dollars for? Can God trust you with wealth to use for His desire, or will you build your own vision and slap His name on it? Can God trust you to be a stay-at-home mom when it is the last thing on earth you want to do? 

I know if I hadn’t set out to live a life of surrender, I couldn’t have been entrusted to manifest the Divine’s desires. I probably would have given Him some credit, but not all.

And that’s kind of what I see happening. We are giving Him some credit, but not all. We are mingling His desires with our own. That makes us wayward and wishy-washy. Sometimes we speak for the Divine, and sometimes we don’t.

I know this is a sign of our own lack of maturity. The body’s state of maturity. That is why God is looking for those willing to sacrifice in this hour. Those willing to embark on the tougher road for the sake of the greater reward.

I know it can be unappealing. It can take years, even decades, to receive some of those rewards. Still, they are promised. And they will be delivered at the proper time.

Just look at David, a young shepherd and the youngest of all his siblings. He received his anointing as king, but it took 15 years and a horrid process for him to receive his crown. David was the last to be picked by man to be king but the first to be picked by God. And you know why? Because God looks at the heart.

So, I ask you what I’m asking myself these days, What’s in your heart?

We can easily be deceived by our hearts. They are a conglomerated reflection of our experiences with others, trauma, and circumstances. The hurt we receive from others can blind us with its pain. We see what others do to us, but we don’t see what we do to them therefore our perspective is skewed. When Christ came, He said, “Take the plank out of your own eye.” He said this because people can easily see what others do wrong, but the real maturity is seeing our own folly.

One way we can understand what’s in our hearts is sitting with self. Not everyone wants to sit with self. People run from relationship to relationship to avoid it. They drink and smoke and dive into whatever immediate gratification that offers a sense of escape. 

I can identify with having seasons of running from pain. Running from grief. But those who desire to manifest purpose will never stay there. Purpose is a companion of truth. 

If you're unwilling to sit with self, you will never fully manifest your purpose. Share on X

And if you don’t like yourself when you sit, well, that tells it all.

Every day, we are given a chance to walk in truth. To learn who we truly are. To partner with the Creator for our purpose.

Will you choose to do so today?

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