Years ago I was told I had Hinds Feet. At the time I was reading a book called “Hinds Feet on High Places” by Hannah Hurnard so the message was definitely confirming. 

Hinds feet, as I explained to my friend of twenty years, are the feet of deer, specifically, female deer (which are called hinds). Deer have the agility and grace to navigate very rough and high terrains, and they do so with great ease.

This weekend my friend and I found ourselves in the mountains. To celebrate her 40th birthday, she rented a spoofed-up version of a cabin straddling the top of a mountain with clouds as its companions, overseeing a spectacular view. Though breathtaking to behold, it was nowhere easy to reach.

I’ve been traveling a lot these last few years and even solo recently, so I comfortably set my mind on the journey ahead. But even that little bit of preparation could not prepare me for this.

It’s funny how you try to plan for certain things in life but it's only what has already happened before that becomes the true preparation. Share on X

First and foremost, Atlanta Airport is a labyrinth of shuttles, terminals, and people. Never have I encountered an airport this elaborate and never could I have navigated it as well had I not already been well-traveled.

My first order of business upon landing was to obtain a vehicle. Actually, I needed an SUV with 4-wheel drive per my BFF who assured me that that was all that could possibly get me up that mountain. My heart sank when I saw the car rental line which would take at minimum about 45 minutes to get through.

My friend feverishly gave me the 4-1-1 while I waited my turn, sharing how difficult it was for her and her crew to get up the mountain, and they had several SUVs, a group of people to assist, and, oh yea, daylight. But as she shared plan b, (that I could stay in a nearby hotel and try the drive in the morning, since by the time I got there it would be dark), I checked my spirit. I didn’t feel any need for concern. Instead, I only sensed the familiar feeling I’ve gotten lately when going on these types of trips.

It felt like I was going on an adventure with Jesus. Share on X

I copped my vehicle and headed to the nearest pharmacy. You see, on top of riding solo and attempting this commute, I was battling a nasty ear infection and some other bodily ailments. But the show must go on, so I did what I could to minimize the discomfort and headed out to the Blue Ridge Mountains in my Jeep Renegade which I decided to name “B”, in honor of my cute cat, BJ. (Oh, and the best friend of my character Ashley in When Love Wins).

I flew down I-575 at a faster speed than Ohio laws allow and quickly learned that higher speeds mean crazier drivers. Still, I safely arrived at the entry gate to the mountains and flicked on the flashlight to my iPhone 12 to type in the code my BFF had provided. Now was the point of no return. She warned me that my reception would go out, and go out it did. I was navigating unfamiliar terrain in pitch-black darkness, alone in the mountains. What would my mother say? Well, I know what she would say. “Girl, have you lost your damn mind?! You better get your butt to the nearest hotel, NOW!” along with some other expletives that I’ll spare you from.

But my BFF was with me in spirit and every now and then her texts would break through, attempting to guide me along the way. Though I could feel the panic brewing beneath my heart, I couldn’t afford to indulge it. I knew panic would mean no way out of my current situation and I had to make it out. I have this belief that if you’re already in the thick of a situation, you might as well keep going to reach your end goal. Plus, I’m a goal-reacher, so I had to at least try.

It was after several attempts, a few misturns, and definitely, a lot of prayers that I suddenly found the right opening and raced up the drive to my BFF and her crew. Suddenly, and unexpectedly I had made it! The men were waiting with flashlights and firearms in hand, ready to unleash their makeshift search team. I beamed a smile of relief while following their instructions to park and was met with bear hugs and grateful faces when exiting my vehicle.

After taking the few steps upward to the house, immediate awe engulfed me. It was magnificent and instantly I knew, this was the reward.

This was the reward for such a daring feat.

This was the reward for keeping the faith.

This was the reward for climbing the mountain.

This was our reward.

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