Healing From Heartbreak

December 26, 2022

By Nicole


I consider myself a pretty transparent person, however, there are some things that fall into the category that I simply do not want to touch. They’re lumped in with the “I just don’t want to go there” pile of my heart. 

Can you relate? 

No matter how vulnerable of a person you are, how authentic, how genuine, how transparent, we are all still just human. We all have these uncomfortable areas that cause us to squirm a bit too much or cringe on the inside or craft a bucket of dread in our guts, churning like old-school butter.

What falls into that category for you, dear friend? 

Ok. Ok. I’ll go first…

Healing from heartbreak is one of those items for me. Ironically, this is the very first topic I wrote about publicly when I published my first book, “How to Overcome Heartbreak: Recovering From Misguided Love.” 

I admit it. I was terrified to disclose such a vulnerable experience to the world but what kept me motivated was that I knew: someone needs to hear this.

Thankfully, I was seven years removed from the tragic experience of lost love, and so when HTOHB was written, I didn’t feel the gut-wrenching agony that I had in the initial stages of recovering from heartbreak.

Instead, it felt like I was more of an audience member at a movie theater, watching the scenes unfold, and not an actor in the movie feeling and responding to the events.

Now that I’ve pivoted in my writing career to becoming a fiction writer (with a debut novel, shameless plug), I want to share more about my fiction and less about my nonfiction. I.E., less about the heartbreak I overcame. And yet, when I have these opportunities to speak on my writing, guess what topic the interviewer is most interested in?

Yep. Heartbreak.

Relationships are a hot topic. I get it. I get it. I am thrown the dreaded question, “Why are you single?” all the time. I even receive it from men who are dating me, although that in and of itself is laughable because the question can easily be applied to them as well. But since cultural expectations and pressures are put on women to be married, often it’s not. 

But that’s a topic for another blog…

Alas, I am eight years removed from the publishing of my first book and seven from its sequel, “How to Overcome Heartbreak: Stories That Heal.” But what I’ve found is that the topic is still relevant.

I know this because I am still overcoming heartbreak, and so are my friends. I also know this because my upcoming event, Girl Talk: Healing From Heartbreak, has sold more tickets in the shortest amount of time than any other Girl Talk I’ve hosted this year. And I’ve barely even promoted it.

People are dealing with heartbreak. 

People are in need of healing.

If you or someone you know needs healing and encouragement, please tell them about this event. We will cover a list of topics allowing each panelist to chime in on their personal experiences of what helped them that can help someone else.

Again, this is a topic I did not want to broach, but I knew without a doubt I was called to.

Sometimes when we are the most vulnerable, there is the most fruit.

So, I ask you again, dear reader. What is it that you may be called to share? What is it that you have overcome, and in telling your story, can assist someone else in overcoming? What item is digging into your psyche, causing you to writhe in discomfort at the thought of unleashing it?

I say be brave and unleash.

You may just be the reason someone else will be brave too.

In other news, did you know that I just dropped the pre-sale for my debut novel When Love Wins? You can check out more here! This time around there is an audiobook in addition to the eBook and paperback versions. Make sure you are subscribed to my email list to catch special offers, discounts, insider information, and more!

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As always, thank you for your support!


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