I truly believe the scripture that says we see in part. I value the parts that others see as a result because I know without a doubt that no matter how hard I try, I cannot see the whole. Still, I admit it, there is something inside of me that values my part more. (This is probably my ego.)

Can you relate?

It’s like the Divine is inside of each of us and if we listen closely enough we can gain insight, wisdom, and revelation.

So much of my revelation comes via writing. I can start to journal or blog my thoughts and out pours a stream of insight that was lying untouched in my heart, just waiting for my mind to realize it.

But sometimes God chooses to use someone else, and I wholeheartedly believe we need to be open to hearing His voice through others when those moments happen. Although our hearts do need to take on a posture of humility to receive. And of course, we need wisdom and discernment to test the voice that is being used.

This weekend I was at a conference for business owners. I went knowing that I already had some insight into marketing and branding since I’ve been growing in these areas in the last couple of years. But, while sitting in my first session, I reminded myself that I didn’t know it all and still needed to elevate. While in the room with a handful of others, I consciously opened my heart to learn. What new information could I gain today to help me reach my goals? What was untapped w/in me that I was not aware of? Yes, I have come so far, but what are my blind spots? I was pleasantly surprised by the personal one-on-one coaching I received from our speaker, who was able to provide such individual attention due to the low number of attendees, for which I was thankful.

In addition to the tips and strategies she gave, she shared that each person has the capacity to reach 5,000 people. (I’m not really sure where those stats are found, but I trust she did her research.) Because of this, she knew that if she reached just one person, she had in theory, reached 5,001 persons.

That was a good reminder for me, who often gets downtrodden at the numbers I’m unable to reach.

Even so, I’m sure others would look at my growth and be impressed.

Recently I was reminded of how the grass is always greener when I had a conversation with someone who alluded to my travels and upcoming trip in a way that let me know they could not do those things. I then saw my life through their eyes. They were focused on the highlights and on my gifts. And at that moment, I realized how often I’m focused on the lowlights, the things I’m missing, or the sacrifices I had to endure to get to the highlights.

“Life is a trade-off,” I informed and pointed out her own life’s gifts that I’m lacking. I think this conversation served a dual purpose: 1. It was a teachable moment for her to see that the grass is always greener and 2. It reminded me that I have certain blessings in my life others do not have and to be thankful for those blessings.

I believe this conversation is an example of the Divine using us both. We all see in part, but when we put those parts together, we get a much fuller complete picture of truth.

In what ways do you feel like the Divine speaks to you? How have you heard Him/Her lately in others? In your life experiences? In creation?

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