Imagine This

March 27, 2021

By Nicole


The following was inspired today from a group of ready writers who were ready both with the skillset of their talent and the encouragement of their tongue. We were told to “imagine”. And when we were, this is what came forth from me:

I imagine that the world is at peace. There are no wars, there are no tears. It is only peace, and grace, and love. The friendships of each other are not jagged with edges that cut and bleed our loved ones. The rejection of peers does not exist because everyone’s arms are open and eager to embrace one another with limbs of affection. There are no loud voices that abuse or slander, only soft, soothing tones that color the recipient with patient, quiet love. The voice of our Creator is the loudest, and has deafened all other lying tongues. There are no more echoes of insecurities resounding in our inner beings.

We are one.

We do not misinterpret each other’s actions, knowing that all actions stem from a sincere heart of kindness.

We are whole.

We do not bleed from childhood brokenness that traveled with us invisibly into the season of adulthood. It was halted at the onset of puberty. Or better yet, at the creation in the womb.

We are free.

We do not fear being ourselves in all of our beautiful entirety. We create and dance and think and design all that is within us that is the manifest reflection of our Father. Our God. We are made in His image and paint said images throughout the earth the way He originally intended.

We are love.

We love lavishly and unequivocally like we did before that first heartbreak; the first knife that was shoved, no thrusted so deeply inside us. The one that stunted our belief that we could one day be so utterly accepted by anyone outside of us who could truly understand how greatly we so deserve to be loved.

We are just.

We don’t just scream for liberty, but we fight for it. Everyday, with our lives, as well as our words, because the poorest soul and the most broken heart is part of us all and we are part of them and when they hurt, we hurt. When they hunger, we hunger. When they thirst, we thirst. But poverty no matter exists because all of our bellies our full with hope and all of our mansions are plenty.

We are here.

We are here for one another in ways we could never have thought possible. We are fully present in every conversation, life giving in every word of encouragement, uplifting in every deed and action. Our hugs smother any fragment of hopelessness, any temptation of suicide, and the darkness that threatened to come against the purposefulness of each soul who had the breath of the Eternal One puffed into in, is promptly snuffed out.

We are now.

And we are His.

And we are.

And we be.

As He is.

We Be.

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