It’s Going to Rain

November 5, 2023

By Nicole


You are building, sweating, hammering, nailing, doing all the things. Day in, day out, you diligently tackle this lofty feat before you. It is just you because that’s who God called to do this thing. It is your purpose. Your purpose and maybe those in your sphere, but still yours nonetheless because you hear and see and know something profound and share it with them. It is something deeply embedded inside of you that if anyone else outside of your sphere heard it, they would laugh. In fact, they do laugh when you tell them. Not only that, but they laugh and mock and belittle. It’s not their fault, though, because they don’t have eyes to see. But you do. 

You are Noah. And you are building the ark.

One of the things I love about the Old Testament is the stories. I find myself in those stories more than any other part of the Bible because they are real people who are chosen, even with all their poor choices. But it’s not about their flaws. It’s about their identity.

When Noah heard God say, “It’s going to rain like none other, and I want to save you and your household from that rain by building an arc,” can you imagine Noah’s response?

First of all, there may never have even been regular rain (the Bible does not specify this, but this is some folk’s belief). Now you’re hearing that there is going to be so much rain the whole human race will be wiped out?

I’m sorry, but if it were me, I would need some receipts from Jesus. “Jesus, show me the receipts.”

I’m just sayin’…

So now you out here building this arc because something in you is telling you the impossible is about to happen. I’m not an architect, but I know an arc is not built overnight. And back then, who knows the level of machinery they had available, which could have extended the whole process? All those days, months, possibly years, you’re out there looking crazy because God told you it’s about to rain like nobody’s business.

But if you believe the Word, you know in the end that Noah won. I admit, the Aries in me thinks it’s just too bad his naysayers weren’t around to see it…

Can you relate to Noah?

There is something burning in your heart, your mind, your psyche, and you know that if others knew it, you would look like the crazy one. This thing in you has never been done before. Never seen before. Never birthed before, and as a result, no one else can understand it.

Every great inventor faces skepticism because they are a trailblazer for purpose, and people typically don’t like what they don’t understand. They usually become fearful of it. In spite of the opposition, every great history maker takes a leap of faith and pulls history along with them in their leap. 

I believe that if you're reading this, it's your time to leap. Share on X

I say that because you are in my sphere, and I am leaping.

It feels super scary and downright uncomfortable to leap. I am flying midair, limbs flailing and wondering the whole time, Lord, what are we doing?!

But every time I question this act of faith, He uses those around me to remind me: it’s going to rain.

You may feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels for a while. That you’ve been wandering in circles, but your life is very perfectly orchestrated to carry out your purpose. You just need eyes to see.

Once we are awakened to our life’s patterns and purpose, we can agree and take those leaps when the timing requires us to. Those leaps are vital for that burning in us to unleash and wow the world with what was previously safely locked inside. 

Like Noah, we are building. We are faithfully showing up, putting our work to our faith, and looking crazy to the world, but not to those who are called to build with us.

I keep struggling with my own arc and doubting if I’m hearing correctly, but then I am reminded of this Word: 

“Isaiah 43:19 NKJV

Behold, I will do a new thing. Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

It is time for a new thing.

It is time for rivers in the desert.

It is time for rain.

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