Since we are no longer an agricultural society, meaning the majority of us are not out here tilling the land to live, we can miss the universal law that is at work to reap what we sow. 

Years ago, I received a word from an elder who said, “Nicole, in the next decade of your life, you will reap what you have sown in this decade.” And you know what? She was right. There were some things I had been waiting for in my 20s that I received in my 30s. 

My 20s were a time of humility and character-building. I had to be faithful with things that drove me nuts in my career and living arrangements, but I was elevated in both areas in my 30s. 

Even rewinding back to my early 20s, two decades ago, I had been through a series of spiritual tests in my career. My pastor gave me a word back then. She said, “Nicole, God is about to bless you for your faithfulness. You will receive bonuses, promotions, and financial compensation.” This was the first time I had received a word like this, and I was shocked that God was rewarding me for doing what I was supposed to do. But this was my introduction to reaping. We must reap if we have sown. It is a law.

Right now, I’m watching a dear friend reap. I have observed her transformation over the years and see how she has catapulted into her purpose. It is beautiful and inspiring to witness. It shows that your background, your beginning foundation, and the things the world says can disqualify you, such as race, gender, age, housing location, etc…is nothing to God. You say “yes” to Him, and it’s over. He uses ALL of it. And I think the more disadvantaged you are, the more glory He gets because you simply can’t take credit. Yes, you said, “yes.” Yes, you partnered with the Divine for the manifestation. You played your part. But similar to the children of Israel, your part was more about belief than works. Your work was birthed out of your faith, and even your work was saturated with His grace.

My friend Alysha Ellis reaping!

Can you look at your life and break it down into seasons of reaping and sowing? Often, we don’t look at our lives from an overview. We are too busy being in it! We are too busy just trying to survive. But if you are in tune with the ebb and flow of your seasons, you can be positioned to flow in the right direction and not “kick against the goads,” so to speak (Acts 26:14)

Let me tell you, I have done my share of kicking, but when I am done kicking, I cry out. I cry out and ask God, “Why?!” and then He moves. He gives me understanding and shows me, Nicole, you are in such a such season. That is why. And then I can say, “OK. Now I know how I need to be approaching this season.” 

Now, the way I just put that, my response is neatly wrapped in practicality and agreement with the Father, but in reality, it never is. I’m very emotional, so just insert a lot of tears and frustrated emojis into my dialogue with God, LOL. But you know what? He can handle it. He can handle all of your tears and even collects them in a bottle (Psalm 56:8). I believe He does that to show how much He cares and doesn’t waste anything. He will use those tears to remind Himself of His promises to you. Yes, God has made promises to us! Just picture Oprah handing out car keys to her frenzied, unexpected audience members. That’s how God is with us. He wants to HOOK US UP! But could it be that sometimes we need to pull on Him to deliver?

I’ve been thinking about Jesus’ first miracle when turning water into wine. Would He have done that miracle if Mary hadn’t asked Him to? When she went to Him and asked Him to do it, His response was, 

“Woman, why do you involve me?…My hour has not yet come.” (John 2:4)

I know in our English translation, this sounds a little harsh, but from what I’ve researched, Jesus did not have an attitude with Mary by calling her “woman.” And I think we can see that because when we keep reading, He goes on to do this miracle she requested (even though it was “before His time.”)

My point in sharing this story is that sometimes it is our raw cry, unabashed desire, and vulnerable transparency that moves the Father. When we strip away all that pretentious stuff, like how we look and our degrees and our credibility, He moves. When we say, “Hey, God. I’m here. I got nothing. I need You to move.” That’s when He does.

Sometimes our season is dragging and dragging and God is saying, “Hey, it’s not My time to do such and such,” but we know that by this passage, maybe, just maybe we can change His mind with our authentic request. I don’t know. I’m just throwing that out there. 

But I do know that for a fact, eventually, we will reap. No matter how long we’ve been sowing. It’s a law.

Oh, and if you’re interested in checking out that clip of Oprah giving away cars, click here

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