It’s Miracle Season

June 16, 2024

By Nicole


These days I am walking by faith on a whole other level. When we are ones who desire wholeness, I think we have a constant call to continue going higher and higher in our life journey. When we have conquered one level, there is a whole other level awaiting us to conquer. Just because we have overcome a few things, there is always more to overcome. There is always more to learn.

I remember years ago someone shared that when they received their PhD God said to them that they had acquired a degree of knowledge. In our society, a PhD is a big deal. It’s nothing to smirk at. It’s one of the highest levels of achievement academically. Yet to the Most High, it is a “degree of knowledge”. That means there is more to learn.

Years ago I thought I would get my PhD in counseling. I thought I would help others heal mentally and emotionally just as I have been on a journey of healing mentally and emotionally. I thought I would write a book to do this. It wasn’t until reading old journals that I remembered this desire and realize that in this season I am partnering with a Clinical Psychologist to write a book on overcoming mental hurdles. God puts eternity in our hearts, but often we don’t fully see the entirety of that eternity. It oozes out slowly, unfolding, until the fullness of time when the big picture shifts into clear focus. That is the thing too about the prophetic. It is revealing to us pieces and parts, and it’s up to us to put those pieces together until the full puzzle is intrinsically fitted with random images that make perfect sense once they connect with each another.

I know my appointed time is coming swiftly. God has reiterated this over and over. Even as the hour seems late and there is no movement in my natural sight, what is promised is forthcoming. I read in old journals how I prayed for this. I read about things I had forgotten that I prayed for. I wanted the “suddenly” but the thing about the suddenly is you have to be ready ahead of time. You can’t be caught slippin’ because when it’s time everything will kick into motion and there will be some things you won’t have time to do. You must do them ahead of time.

That being said, you must have faith to believe they will happen, even if they have never happened before. You must believe in miracles.

Do you believe in miracles?

Do you believe that the very thing that has never happened can happen for you?

The definition of a miracle is: a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

This is a day of miracles my friend, whether small or large. 

I heard a sermon years ago that it can be a season of something but not yet the time for it. The minister went on to explain that it can be winter but not yet time for snow. Then more recently I heard, “It is time.” It is time for the manifestation of those ancient promises to come to pass. 

I have been in a promise season. I have been in a season of being faithful and obedient. It has been scary. It has been vulnerable. It has been uncomfortable. But I have seen too much to not obey the prompting of the Spirit. I know the promises over my life are “yes and amen.”

Do you know God is saying “yes” to the promises over your life? 

There is a partnership we must make with those promises. We must demonstrate that we believe those promises by our actions, thus being in alignment to be in position to receive them with open palms.

Will you stand with me with open palms to catch the promise?

I used to love catching snow when I was younger and letting the little snowflakes melt on my tongue. The interesting thing about snowflakes is that each one is uniquely being crafted by the elements as they fall in the air. Can you imagine that every single snowflake that has ever been created is vastly different from any other snowflake?

That is how our lives are. That is how each of our purposes is. The miracles in our lives can look vastly different even when we have similar journeys.

I know our hearts may have gotten weary because we did not know the timing of those promises. Even when we were in the season it may have not yet been the time. But know that when a pregnancy occurs, at some point, the baby has to be born.

Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the LORD. “Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?” says your God.

Whatever you are pregnant with must come out. Is it a business idea? A book? An actual child?

Whatever it is, it is a miracle and because you are carrying this miracle it must manifest so that others can receive the nourishment they need for what they are carrying so that they too can deliver.

That means someone else, not just you, is waiting on your miracle.

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