Jesus Was an Influencer

August 8, 2022

By Nicole


0I remember years ago when How to Overcome Heartbreak was published. I really struggled with marketing because I was fearful that I would be doing so out of a selfish agenda. I was very aware of this scripture (Philippians 2:3-4):

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

At that time in my faith I would say I was being “gutted out”. I had been through a series of tests and trials where I knew the purpose was to teach me to “lay down my life”. That meant giving up my own desires for God’s. That meant humbling myself. In hindsight I can see the benefit of taking the more difficult path, but when you’re in it, well, let’s just say, it feels anything but good, LOL.

So, when HTOHBI came out I was initially hesitant to market it. Marketing to me meant elevating myself and that seemed to be anything but humble. Even in this season I had a very negative concept of the term “Influencer”. To me, this word represented people who sought out fame. People who were shallow, materialistic and flighty. People who had selfish ambition. The interesting thing is, I feel God is re-defining my view of what an Influencer (for Him) is. He’s showing me that His Son, Yeshua (Jesus) was an influencer.

When I came into alignment with marketing and re-branding after the publishing of Urban Stories, I started learning the importance of having an audience and I became strategic in building. God was showing me the blueprint to build His audience. And He was showing me that (John 12:32)

…when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to myself.”

How important is it for this generation to see people who uphold values, walk with purpose, lead by example, and strive for great character? How important is it that we, who are the light, be placed in a world of darkness to share that light with those suffering to believe that there is still good in this world? There is still hope? There is still healing? There is still love?

Mathew 5:15

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

Those of us who are the light are put here to be light so that others can see their true identity illuminated by love. We are not to be hidden. We are not to be put under a bowl.

This week I co-hosted my first in-person event in 15 years. Can I just say I was SUPER nervous? I couldn’t even take my daily nap! LOL. But it was powerful. The messages, the performances and the talent blew me away. Still, I admit, I hoped for a bigger turnout. I think my whole team did. But what I am reminded of is Jesus started with twelve. I wrote that blog post just after my 2nd speaking engagement about 6 years ago and you know what? I am still considered “small”. Even after 6 whole years (8 if you want to start counting with the publishing of HTOHBI).

One of my friends recently told me she esteems my ability to not allow being small to deter me, but I readily admit, it often does. I have to frequently renew my mind to remember how the Father works with me. I’ve experienced many seasons of staying small, and being humbled and then BOOM, the increase. Everyone who grows big starts out small and even Jesus started with 12. Now the gospel reaches to the ends of the earth.

Are you struggling with being small? I encourage you to look at other areas of your life where you’ve seen the manifestation of your investment. It is a universal law that we shall reap what we sow. If we are faithful with the small, we will be rulers over much. I am a witness.

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