Let’s Cancel Cancel Culture

June 27, 2022

By Nicole


I’m so grateful for the benevolent, undeserved, never-ending, unearned, eternal, always-lasting, love of God. You know that, Black Mama, single-parent, ride-or-die, I’m a bail you outta jail, rescue you no matter what, lay my life down to save you, type of love. That, Tupac Shakur’s “Dear Mama”, and Boyz II Men’s “A Song for Mama”, mixed in with the Jesus wept, hanging beaten and bruised, bleeding on the cross for you type of love. That love. 

I know that not everybody has that experience and I’m convinced it’s that lack of being the recipient of such (or revelation of its existence) that jades our hearts, freezing them into ice cold popsicles that not even the hottest summer in June at high noon in Florida can melt. That’s what this generation has come to. Below zero temperatures icing others out at just the hint of a scent of weakness. The problem with that notion is,

[Tweet “we are all flawed. We all have weakness.]

What happens when its your turn?

I am all for justice. I thrive when wrongs are held accountable and justice is served and the little people are vindicated. When George Floyd’s murderer was sentenced, I rejoiced. When Breonna Taylor’s murderers went unpunished, I grieved (I still grieve). When reading that Jesus Christ was crucified for no good reason, I wept. I want Justice.

[Tweet “But justice is different than judgement and there is only one who can rightfully judge.”]

I detest that in our society somehow there has crept in this no-nonsense attitude. I am the queen of no-nonsense, so let me tell you the fact that I recognize a line has been crossed is saying a lot, (and maybe, even, is a testament to my own growth). Where does anyone get off in our society determining that someone needs to be ejected on the basis of one act that is easily out of character and contrary to the consistent good deeds they’ve demonstrated for many a years, (even decades in some cases)?

Right now one of the books I am reading is “Will” based on the life of actor Will Smith. I have been so edified, enlightened and moved by Mr. Smith’s life story which is still ongoing. I’ve learned so much from this man’s journey that rings with sincerity and a heartfelt desire for growth and truth. To learn about his abusive childhood and the relentless fear of being a coward that stemmed from his inability to protect his mother from the fists of his father, helps to bring context to maybe (in some people’s opinion) his overreaction to the insult to his wife from comedian Chris Rock. 

It genuinely shocks me to hear that he is “cancelled” in some people’s minds. I simultaneously, internally smirk and guffaw at the suggestion. How could one moment of emotional recklessness be adequate enough to erase decades of brilliance, ingenuity, and breaking African American barriers in our society in a multitude of segments, (music and acting being just two of them)? A Black man in America who lands the roles of white men in Hollywood is to be forever esteemed in my opinion. Yet what is my opinion among a conglomerate of folks who are quick to judge, fast to cancel and even more speedy to point the finger?

To said pointed fingers I say, Oh but wait until it’s your turn.

When the woman was caught in adultery Yeshua defended her by charging her accusers to look at themselves. “He who has not sinned cast the first stone”. One by one they walked away. No one could cast a stone because they had all sinned. We have all sinned. 

I am immensely grateful for a mother’s love. The single parent, Black woman, go-to-bat for my child, kick-your-butt-for-my-baby, protect-her-at-all cost love. I’m thankful for a Father’s love too. The Heavenly Father. Who sent His only Son to be tortured and beaten, rejected and persecuted. Left with outstretched gashed hands pierced, side gushing and his feet torn. For me. For you. That’s love.

And that’s the kind of love I want to show to this generation with their disgusting cancel culture. Just maybe in doing so their hearts will unthaw from this skewed sense of righteousness. But even if said unthawing does not occur, they will be judged. We will all be judged by the same judgement we demonstrate. And that promise should be enough for us all to move with a little more caution before striking the finger to cancel.

I have an outlandish premise. Let’s cancel the cancel culture. Let’s instead return to our roots of true forgiveness, doing life together, advocating for each other’s growth and evolution, protecting one another and truly being our brother’s keeper. I assure you the result will be a more compassionate, kindhearted, truly justice-seeking society. One that seeks to save the “sinner”. Not just slay him.

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