As I sift through my closet in search of the perfect fit, my eyelids flutter up and down the never worn feather-gray dress with buttons racing down its back. The dress is a real contender for today’s event, but I’m not completely sure. Is it too formal? I keep searching, but ultimately the gray dress wins the unspoken contest between the rest of my apparel, and I slip it on carefully over my lace front. I’m scheduled to get a much-needed touch-up to my wig before my big event: a TV interview for When Love Wins, so I’m careful with the lace front.

This is only my second TV interview of my writing career, and the magnitude of it hasn’t completely sunk in. Mostly because this author’s journey is a slow one so when these large opportunities emerge, they catch me off guard. As a result, today, I’m taking it one step at a time into my destiny. Right now, the next step is getting to my hair stylist slash really good friend, so she can make sure I’m laid out for this interview.

I make it to my girl after stopping by two different Starbucks to get the complete order (long story), and we do our thing: girl talk and hair.

Can I just say that as a Black woman, it’s soooo dope when your girl slays hair and makeup? That means you always have somebody to keep you fresh-faced and ready, which, apparently, is a need when you’re on TV.

I smoothly make it to the station and take in how ordinary it always is behind the scenes. The staff is friendly as they navigate the wall-mounted TV in the waiting room, flicking channels and trying to find something I might want to watch. I assure them I’m cool with watching the current interview the host Vince Robinson is doing. 

It’s not long before I’m joined by an older gentleman in a plaid number and jeans. He hurries to explain his outfit as if I’m judging it, saying he’s an actor and decided to dress as one of his characters. Makes no difference to me. I’m just glad the guys in the interview room are dressed up. That means my gray dress was the right choice. This is a classy affair.

The actor and I converse, and it turns out he’s not only an actor but a playwright, screenplay writer, and producer. I quickly tell him about When Love Wins and keep a lookout for any discernment in my heart, letting me know if we’re possibly supposed to work together. He accepts my business card and says he’ll use it since he also just so happens to be working on his first novel.

The 45-minute wait slides by, and by the time I’m called up to film, my hunger pains are smothered with nervous excitement.

Vince is all “Distinguished Gentlemen” energy, and we ease into our typical banter. I’ve interviewed with Vince a few times but never on TV. He shares that he had an all-male lineup and knew he needed a female. Apparently, I was the first person he thought of. Wow. I’m both honored and touched. Mr. Robinson is legendary, has done a plethora of interviews with big names, and I’m the first female he thought of?

I follow his lead and dive into the journey I’ve been on as a writer, what inspires me, tidbits about my characters, the issue of colorism and being a dark-skinned woman, my travel experience, the Black diaspora, and so much more. He urges me to go to Africa. I share of my travels in Haiti and Hawaii and realize how much of a well-traveled woman I’ve become these past few years.

I leave with a big smile that grows even larger when I see the picture we’ve taken together.

When describing the interview with my friend, the hairdresser, I say in wonder, “Am I called to be on TV?” to which she eagerly squeals back, “Girl! Yes!” She says it as if I shouldn’t even have asked.

There is just something about not being able to see yourself in your entirety the way others can. I was reminded of the last Whitney Houston movie I watched. Whitney’s character shared that she feared she would not be as great as her mother and aunt. They were big names in her day, and they were the limit. She couldn’t even have fathomed that she would make those women nameless.

That she would be limitless.

How often do we set the bar too low for ourselves? Share on X

We look at the greats who have gone before us and think, “WOW! I can’t imagine being that great!” But even Jesus said we would do even greater works than Him. 

If the Creator of all things said that we are limitless. Well, guess what? Then we certainly are.

Stay tuned for deets on when my interview drops!

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