Movers & Shakers

October 31, 2022

By Nicole


Years ago, as an early 20-something, I received a word about being a “Mover and a Shaker”. The thing is, at the time, I wasn’t moving or shaking. I was waiting.

It was right after college and I felt stuck in life. I was home with my mom, and our relationship was strained, jobless while living in a city I couldn’t stand, and fresh off a breakup with my fiance. I was also recovering from an eating disorder and about 25lbs overweight. Whew. There were a LOT of changes happening at that time, and I found myself in a constant state of disappointment and frustration. So when I received this word of encouragement from my spiritual mother, I winced.

How could I be a Mover and a Shaker when I feel like I'm being held hostage by time? Click To TweetAnd why would God make me a Mover and a Shaker when I clearly am not allowed to move and shake anywhere?

Have you ever felt like you want to propel ahead, but no doors will open, and no opportunities will manifest?

I tell you, for a Mover and a Shaker it’s one of the worst feelings. To have all this energy, drive, and vision tied up inside, and yet you can’t channel it into the thing you desire.

Looking back, I can say that that waiting experience was just for a season. Now, I’ll be honest, that season happened many times in my journey, and in some areas is still happening, but at least that particular season of waiting ended! I could finally charge ahead in my career, which is where I had been waiting the most.

This weekend I was surrounded by Movers and Shakers. Picture Black excellence at its finest. And not just Black excellence, but diverse excellence. It even warmed my heart to see some of our caucasian movers and shakers in attendance. What I’m referring to is the Futureland Conference in CLE

This conference was hosted by Jumpstart and spearheaded by my good friend, Alysha Ellis. I was in awe that Alysha could lead such a magnificent event. I know her personally and am privy to the gift inside of her, but to witness such an extraordinary display of talent, intelligence, ingenuity, and success, well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

My experience there only confirmed what I know to be true about my city. We are nothing to play with.

I’ve heard so many negative statements about CLE. I myself have come a long way in my mindset regarding my hometown. Remember that city I said I couldn’t stand in my early 20s? Yep. That would be Cleveland, LOL. But this weekend, all of that was null and void. My vision exploded with black and brown folks dressed in their best business attire, networking, connecting, and building new relationships for future endeavors. I sat in workshops where experts shared much-needed intel on their specified industries and offered inexpensive resources for entrepreneurs to thrive.

After all those seasons of waiting, I have somehow found myself stitched into this cohort of leaders, influencers, and go-getters. The dreamers who make their dreams a reality. The artists who curate their creative vision. The authors who publish their long-awaited manuscripts.

We are here. Moving and Shaking. Imprinting our legacies on the world for such a time as this. 

Will you join us?

As many of you know, I have been working on my debut novel for the last 2+ years. I’ve been in the lab you guys, and am a little nervous to see that this time of waiting for this book baby to be born is almost over. It is one thing to write the book; it is a whole other thing to put it out there and market it. My dream, my desire, my goal is to gain visibility. 

And that’s where you come in. I’ll be hosting a book cover reveal in the next couple of weeks where I’ll share the actual cover of my novel “When Love Wins” and give the back story on why it was created. I’ll also be offering a free chapter for attendees!

So much of the success of Indie Authors/Artists comes from networking, community, and word of mouth. If you’re receiving this blog post, then that means you are a part of my community. I would love to see you at this virtual book cover reveal, and I think you’ll enjoy this new book project I’ve been working on!

Maybe you’re someone who can’t be out and about on the grind. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom with mouths to feed and a home to hold down. But your support of me is you moving and shaking. Your support of me is how you’re able to join the Movers and Shakers of CLE!

I appreciate all of your encouragement and support. Thank you again for joining me on this ride of purpose. See you SOON!

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