New Book in 2021!

April 26, 2021

By Nicole


Hi guys! So, if you’ve been paying any attention to this little blog then you know that I’ve been HINTING and “subtly” PLANTING SEEDS that I am writing and publishing a new book! It is so interesting how this has come about because literally I did not write for almost two years. Two years of barely pondering on this little blog, two years of not filling up blank pages on intimate journals that have sat oh so lonely in their little cute basket on my farmhouse bookshelf.

Two years of a writing dry spell (womp, womp).

I could not have fathomed that SUDDENLY, like a rushing wind, my fingers would start typing and the words would gush out so freely. SUDDENLY I was creating, and I couldn’t stop!

When I first began creating stories of young, fly, Black characters who just so happened to love God, I thought I was just “trying my hand” at fiction. I thought I was letting myself explore a type of writing style that I hadn’t before considered, just for fun. I would read the beginnings of these creations to my then roommate, turned friend, turned lifelong sister, and she would so lovingly encourage my attempts! I then joined a local fiction writing workshop, and even though the course itself wasn’t long, I had acquired a few vital tips in fiction writing that spurred me on in this endeavor. I had even met another writer in that group who thoroughly impressed me with her own writing ability. She read my very first fiction “short story” and, though she affirmed me in my skills, her voice still resounds in my head today as she said these words: “Nicole, it’s too long!” She went on to tell me that short stories need to be a certain length (I of course had no clue and was just writing out to my heart’s content) and then proceeded to say, “No journal is going to publish this.” (Insert sad emoji) Well, she was probably right (although I never even tried to get that story published, so I don’t completely know this to be true) but the thing is, that story wasn’t meant to be published in a journal! That story was meant to be published in my very own compilation of short stories and novellas!

I am super excited to let you guys in on this new book project as you have been along with me for the long haul. You know my ups and downs. You know my deep down long awaited intense desires. You know how God called me and has been SO FAITHFUL even when I have not been, and all of these experiences are encompassed in my writing.

This new project will be a greater revelation of the Father’s love and passion for us, His beloved, but it won’t be in the typical fashion that has been bound by the four walls of the church. Instead, it will be reaching out, with arms of love in these character’s day-to-day journeys of heartbreaks, relationships, dating, social justice issues, family dynamics, community and friendships. It will be revealed in the relatable issues of this generation, most particularly within the Black community. It will be “For Us, By Us”.

I invite you in dear reader, to travel with me in each page that is revealing the overwhelming love and nearness of God in our everyday existence. I am looking forward to sharing in this experience with you, and will be sending you more ways that you can stay in on the know of what is being birthed forth! And I want to encourage you that if you have something stirring in your heart, and it seems so unlikely that it will come forth any time soon, well, get ready! Because each day is pregnant with purpose and the next day builds on the day before. The final chapter can not unfold until all those before it have manifested. Even the very hard, very mundane, very annoying days, have purpose.


Thank you again for your faithfulness of continuing on this journey with me. Stay tuned!

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