A New Chapter

October 17, 2022

By Nicole


Have you ever started out in life with a group of folks that didn’t quite make it to the next chapter of your story?

Sometimes we don’t understand that certain characters in our story are not main characters or even side characters. They’re just there as a placeholder so that you, the protagonist, can move forward in your plot. Or, maybe they are main characters but only for a few chapters, and then they die off like in the case of Angela from “Power” leaving us sitting there in utter shock. Sorry if I spoiled that one for you but it’s an old show, so technically you should be caught up by now (insert wink).

So anyways, if we don’t know that that person, or those people, were only supposed to be a part of our story for a few chapters and not the entire novel, then we can be totally caught off guard.

That’s how I felt recently in real life. I was stunned. But in hindsight, I can look back and see the signs of this person’s sudden toxic departure from my life. And in doing so, what I realized, was that I was adding more value to their life than they were to mine.

When you add more value to someone than they do to you, that means when they’re removed from the equation you lose very little, if anything at all, yet they lose so much. So, from an equation standpoint (and I guess this is me wearing my bookkeeping hat) well, I guess, I win.

But we all know that winning logically does not translate to our emotions and there is still a space for processing our emotional response which I like to use this little blog to do from time to time, so I hope you, dear reader, don’t mind.

I recently put up a Facebook post: “Not everyone around you is going to level up, but don’t let that stop you.”

I had no idea how close to home that statement would hit for me. Within days I chose to level up when someone around me did not and I had to analyze myself and my calling. I am going somewhere. I am not even sure what the ultimate destination of this ride of destiny is, but I know it’s taking me to higher heights than I could ever imagine. Where I am going, I and those who are with me will need to know how to fly.

Not everyone is ready to fly.

Do you have this experience of people you view as main characters suddenly being removed? Maybe your season has changed and you, or they, are not the same person. Maybe you have new goals and a new mindset and new desires, and they do not.

Whatever the reason, know that the people in your story are each there for a purpose, but that purpose may not be the one you thought initially. It could just be that for a time, there was some sort of exchange that was beneficial and needed in that season, for the both of you. 

I know that the woman I am can not entertain those who are not operating at a certain caliber in my inner circle. I have always known this about myself but even more so now as I am gearing up to go to the next stage in my career. We tend to attract who we are, and thus, we will not be able to comfortably engage with those who are not vibrating at the same frequency. 

Regardless of if there is a shift in your circle, know that the One writing your story made sure to bring you, the protagonist, into a great ending. It’s every character’s choice if they want to stick around for all the good stuff that always happens in the final chapter. But we know without a doubt that you will be there, even if they are not.

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