One Year Strong

June 6, 2022

By Nicole


This weekend I got to celebrate the big 1! No not for my child, or for my marriage, but for my book, Stories for the (Urban) Soul. Stories for the (Urban) Soul was released at just the right time. You see, before this book was published, I was floundering in depression and purposelessness. I would cry out each day to my Maker, “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” I would wake up, grappling at the absence of tangible reasons to push forward, like having children, a husband or, heck, even, a job. Many of the women who went before me overcame their life obstacles for the sake of their children. Single motherhood races through the obstacle course of my DNA at least 4 generations back to my understanding and these strong women were motivated to fight for better opportunities for the next generation behind them. But I didn’t have that motivation. What was I to fight for?

I remember one particular day, waking up and asking the question, “Lord, why am I here?” When silence responded in answer my heart shriveled in the palms of discouragement. But then I suddenly found myself getting up out of my bed, putting on my workout clothes and driving to the gym. It was like my body had a mind of its own and once I worked out, my mood lightened. I knew that God was saying, “You need a different environment. You need to move.”

But what I didn’t know at that moment that I soon came to learn, was that He was also saying, “You need to write.”

Writing saved my life.

Birthing out Stories for the (Urban) Soul was the beginning of a new season. I’ve been walking in entrepreneurship for the last four years now with my bookkeeping business. I had tried my hand before at establishing a platform with the How to Overcome Heartbreak series. I had set up my business social media, created my email list, did vendor events. But I grew weary. Every creator knows that building something out of nothing can be discouraging when after a period of time you do not see the manifestation of that dream embedded in your heart. I also, at that time had a 9 to 5, so it was almost like having two jobs. As a result, I put writing as a career on the back burner.

Until Urban Stories.

When I released this book it had been 6 years since I released my former book, and 3 whole years since I had written. Urban Stories was  a breakthrough of sorts. And soon I would realize it was the catalyst for my purpose.

This weekend at the 1 year zoom celebration I got to rejoice over all God has done. In just 12 months of me being “all in” and committing to this call to write as a career, I have been interviewed on numerous podcasts, attended many in-person vendor events, sold lots of books and even landed a TV spot! But even more so, I have been loved and supported by so many, some of whom I’ve never even met in person! That’s what was evident in my zoom celebration.

I am loved.

Thank you all for rocking with me and your continued support as I move forward by faith into this writing endeavor. I still grieve at the inability to celebrate cultural milestones that so many of my peers are able to, but I understand there is simply difficulty in this life. There are so many ways you can miss out. I think about the children snatched from their lives by a deranged gunman in Texas just last week, and the host of senseless atrocities that happen daily in our communities. It is the Father’s GRACE that we have just one more moment to spend with our loved ones this side of heaven.

And in answer to my cry for my own desired child to be the reason for my fight for life, He showed me that, my reason would not be for the generation behind me, but for the generations who went before.

Because of my ancestors, I get to be free. 

At the time that I write this it is Memorial Day and every soldier knows there is a cost to freedom. For those of us who are free, the questions looms ahead: “What are we going to do with our freedom?”

I know what I am going to do with mine.


And make my ancestors proud.

ICYMI here is the zoom for my 1 year book celebration!

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