Power in the Process

March 22, 2023

By Nicole


I heard an encouraging message yesterday while surrounded by beautiful Black women who looked like me and loved God. We were all there with a common reason: to walk in purpose and receive divine instruction for this most specific type of navigation. 

As the speaker presented her message of obtaining spiritual power, I nodded in agreement, however, was reminded of something I had known before but had tucked away into the crevices of my psyche. 

That reminder was that…
True power comes through the process.CLICK TO TWEET

We live in a microwave generation. Literally, those who are in their 30s, 40s & 50s were born during a time when the microwave oven became the go-to method of cooking. Fast food and drive-throughs were suddenly a way of life, and no longer were we forced to wait for a home-cooked meal. 

The advancement of technology only ballooned with time, and we sped from rewinding VHS tapes to skipping tracks on CDs to streaming our songs on playlists. 

Just ten years ago, we would have asked, “What the heck is a playlist?” But now, they are a way of life. CLICK TO TWEET

Just as hurrying through life is now a way of life.

The word I received, “There is power in the process,” was in regard to my own sanctification journey. When I was just a young whipper-snapper in my early 20s, I was so eager for the “glam” of the call. I wanted the highs and the highlights. I wanted the gifts.

I wanted to be a star. 

I wouldn’t have verbalized it that way, though. I did love God and wanted to help people. I just didn’t realize how much of my own selfish pride would be a constant obstacle for either of those happenings. But now, some 20 years later, I have since learned…

The speaker yesterday shared that gifts are given to us all and helped me realize that gifts, in and of themselves, are not where the power lies. Gifts and talents are emotion-evoking but not necessarily chain-breaking. 

If you really want to see healing, deliverance, and sustainable joy, well, that is from the crushing of one’s ego and the subsequent birthing of one’s true self.

I sought out this spiritual path two decades ago when I, and a group of zealous college students, said “yes” to the call. I had no idea what I was saying “yes” to, and I don’t think they did either. But what I can say now is that what I was saying “yes” to was to become a disciple. 

I was saying “yes” to the death of my inauthentic self.

Dying to one’s self is not a popular message because it hurts. There is nothing pretty about death, even a supernatural one. But the promise on the other end of it is the new life you receive. It is the resurrection of the new you. It is the Christ in you.

The process takes a while, too; nothing eternal happens overnight. There is a crushing, a pressing, a sifting of the junk that hides who you truly are. And this can last for years (for some, decades). Until, finally, when it is time, you are polished, dressed to the max (in my case at least, LOL), and put on display for the world. 

And now, you don’t just look good, but you have the power. 

The power is the anointing, and the anointing is what transforms the hearts and lives of those you are called to.

I don’t believe we ever get done with our process as disciples, and I think the process looks different for each person. But one thing that does remain the same is that if we endure and rest in His grace, allowing it to mold us, we will see the power that is attached on the other side. 

That power is to manifest His works on the earth. Even greater works than His…

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father.”John 14:12

Fun fact. I have not had a microwave in my home in 15 years…

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