There are times in our lives we can find ourselves caught in the “in-between.” I wrote a blog post about this last year. I find myself back in this place, sandwiched in between the appointed time and the wait. Much has been walked out on my path of the wait but as I get closer to the appointed time, my faith wavers. Will this waiting ever end? Will my cup ever overflow?

I think about how often the spiritual looks different than the natural. In the spirit, things have already happened. It is eternity, so there is no time. The promises in our lives exist, but in the earth, we may be awaiting their arrival. This experience is similar to a pregnancy.

A woman is pregnant at the moment of conception but it’s not until she starts to show that others know she is pregnant.

But the time period she is not showing doesn’t make her any less pregnant. It’s just that now in the natural she is showing and others know. It is for them to know. She already knows.

That’s how I feel right now. I am pregnant with the promises of God but others do not see because I am not yet showing. I anticipate the showing. I anticipate the revealing. I anticipate the birth.

Is there something in your life you are waiting to give birth to? Is it a job? A ministry? A book?  Share on X

Every book I have written has felt like a birthing but the more recent books were more voluminous. I can see that the progression in my works and my career reflect the growth and maturity of my character. The larger books I’ve written have taken even more effort to birth. They’ve taken more time to cultivate. More patience. 

I believe the greater the thing is we are called to birth, the more preparation is needed.  

We cannot expect to birth millions of dollars in revenue overnight. No. There must be years of training and equipping that we need, to even handle that type of cash and steward it well. We must have a mindset switch.

Speaking of mindsets, the ankle that I sprained recently is fully healed. I experienced this healing within a week. I couldn’t believe it. The same injury I had three years ago took me a whole year to heal, SMH. This speedy healing showed me the benefit of shifting my mindset. I had learned from that first injury the necessity to listen to my body and slow down. I let go of that survivor mentality.

You can’t have a survivor mentality and expect to steward a million dollars. You have to advance in your way of function and your belief system. Every entrepreneur knows this truth in order to scale their business. So much of what we manifest is based on our beliefs. God can give us the promise, but if we do not believe, we do not partner with the Word and get into alignment with it to manifest. We have to believe and get into alignment.

Part of my belief that He is touching on is to believe that it is not a matter of “if” but it is a matter of “when.” He is saying “Nicole, you know this is going to happen. It is just about when.” It is just about the appointed time.

Years ago when I was dating a guy who got me started strength training he shared that every day he worked out. He said, “It’s not a matter of if, it’s when.” Similar to brushing our teeth every day. We make it a regimen. We never question the brushing. We know it’s going to happen. That’s how the Father wants us to view His promises in our lives. We just have to be aware of the appointed times and be in alignment to receive in expectancy.

What are your appointed times? Can you look back on your journey and see pivotal shifts in your life that are insight into how the Father can be moving in your future? Write down what you see and hear, then watch, and wait in expectancy.

P.S: While writing this blog I remembered I have yet to brush my teeth today. LOL!

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