Stories for the (Urban) Soul.


Stories for the (Urban) Soul is a compilation of ten short stories and novellas that depict a modern take on spirituality in African American culture. Written for young adults and adults, the compilation presents male and female characters whose identities intertwine with fashion, music, urban vernacular and, in most cases, a very tangible faith. In many of the stories the main character is presented with a challenge that tests their faith and overcomes, usually with the assistance of others. The reader will see how these characters navigate typical life circumstances such as heartbreak, abuse, friendships, social justice issues and more.

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Vanessa is a college student who has a strong family background and great sense of self, but finds herself the victim of an abusive relationship. A friend’s spirituality is a great influence in helping her break free.
Calvin faces betrayal from Monica when finding out she cheated on him with his best friend, but his faith helps him to give her another chance.
Tyrone experiences trauma when his friend and fellow student is murdered while running in his own neighborhood during their college fall break, but this tragedy helps him realize his own calling in social justice for the black community.
These stories will unquestionably resonate with many African Americans who are evolving in their spirituality and will provide a pathway for young Black men and women to navigate questions of faith and community in today’s world.

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