Did you know diamonds can take anywhere from 1 to 3 billion years to form? Whew. I thought I knew what longsuffering was, but I can’t imagine waiting for anything for a billion years. And yet, the universe is chock-full of evidence of these natural occurrences that offer glimpses into eternity. 

A billion years is a drop in the bucket when it comes to forever.

Just thinking about the grandness of the universe can enhance our view of our problems. Sometimes, we get caught up in our own little lives and consumed by its nuances. And honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that unless it’s the only thing we ever think about. 

Going through this experience with BJ personally has me utterly consumed with his little life, especially when it hung in the balance. But I think that’s an indication of good pet parenting, not selfishness. Still, as I navigate it, I’m reminded of those also in the battle. And that is where the balance comes in.

But going back to the universe. Glancing around, there are so many natural occurrences we can learn from, such as with our friend the diamond. Longsuffering and patience are highly valued in the kingdom. I’ve learned this by being continuously tried in order to have this character trait cultivated. 

I view my younger self as something of a racehorse, eager to charge from the gate and shoot into the race. Put me in, Coach! was my mentality. The issue is that you can’t run fast for a long time. Maybe for a short time, but not for a very long one.

I recently shared with a friend that I can look at my career and recognize the training I’ve had these 20 years. In some sense, I’ve felt like a horse that needed breaking. I know very little about that horse-training life, but from what I do know, there is a process that occurs when a trainer breaks a horse. Though the trainer is teaching the horse to obey, this experience isn’t enjoyable. The horse has innate desires to run wildly and be free. Do its own thing. Accomplish its own mission. And yet, that horse has a purpose for the trainer. The purpose is to win the race. In order to win, it needs to be broken.

Have you felt broken by life? By circumstances? By God?

I recently sent the manuscript for my second novel to my beloved beta readers. Can I just pause and say how crazy it is to even share that I have a 2nd novel forthcoming? Although it took mere months to write the first draft, this book got its start nearly seven years ago. 

Seven years ago, I stepped into a short-story writing class, having no idea I was called to be a fiction writer. At the time, I was inspired by my roommate, who read her short story. It then dawned on me. 

I can write short stories! 

Five years later I finished that story and published it in Stories for the Urban Soul. Now, here I am, having expounded on it, I’ve created a full-blown novel. 

Upon its completion, I realized some things just take time.

The truth of the matter is that the seven-years-younger version of me wasn’t ready for this novel. I wasn’t as polished or experienced of a writer. Yeah, I was a good writer, but for the appropriate eyes needed to see this story, I needed to be better. 

Dare I say, I needed to be great?

And it wasn’t just my writing that required advancement. It was also my mindset and character.

We live in a microwave generation. We want it fast, and we want it now. I concur. Even after all these years of waiting, I still want stuff fast. I still want stuff now. The difference is now I can value the benefits of waiting. I can appreciate what is crafted on the other side of that thing.

Sure, we can go to Tiffany’s and pick out a manufactured diamond that was cooked in a lab and curated in a few months. Sure, they tell us those diamonds are as unbreakable as the natural ones and last just as long. But when you tell someone you copped a natural-made diamond plopped onto your ring finger, encased by a white gold band, well, there will be a greater level of respect gleaming in your associate’s eye as they marvel at its shine. 

And when the birthing of your dream finally manifests after all these years, decades, even, well, there will be a greater level of respect for you, too.


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