Something Like A Dream Manifester

January 9, 2023

By Nicole


There’s something to be said when an artist has a vision, or a dream, or a thought, then sits down to sort out the nuances of that dream/vision/or thought, then puts fingers to clay, or brush to canvas, or pen to paper, and unleashes.

It’s like the divine encounters the temporal, and whatever was in the heavenlies shoots into the earth’s atmosphere. The artist’s body becomes the vehicle for creation to drive upon. And then boom. It’s here. What was only a seed of a thought, is now a masterpiece.

That is the process I’m exposed to in being an Author. I’m exposed to the miracle of creation. Click To Tweet

Can you imagine the Almighty before the world was the world? He/She/They had a thought, a desire, and then breathed words. And then boom. It was here.

We were here.

I think Authors have a similar experience because we create with words, just like Elohim.

I think creators of all kinds tap into this wondrous process of bringing shape to a blob of a thing that looks like nothing to everyone else, but we know that in time, we’re going to make it great. 

We just need time.

When I sit to write, I never know where it’s going. I’m the type of writer who doesn’t like to outline (and I know that bugs the mess out of my editor, who cringes whenever I mention this), but it’s that need to let loose and trust that the One inside of me is trustworthy and will write the story that needs to be told. 

That takes faith for me, who, I admit, just happens to be a little type A, anal, and controlling. Writing is a time for me to release all control. 

This time around, I was pleasantly surprised to have unleashed a whole novel. One that I think is actually pretty good, LOL. You just never know what’s inside of you until it comes out. 

People keep telling me I inspire them, and every time I feel confused. What am I doing that is so inspiring? But I guess it is in the manifestating of dreams. 

Life can be bombarded with stuff that fills up our days that have nothing to do with our dreams. Responsibilities and obligations that pay the bills, or serve our loved ones, or, simply distract us. One day after another is packed with the necessities of life, and before we know it, we look up, and years have gone by.

What God has given me in this season is time and space to manifest dreams. These dreams are not even necessarily all mine. I believe many of them were hidden in the hearts of those who went before me and didn’t have the time and space. Now they do. Through me.

I am their vehicle to manifest dreams.

While I appreciate others affirming me in this endeavor of dream-manifestation, I can take no credit. I ran from this part of the call for a long time and still, even now, struggle with it. 

Will my endeavors build the platform I believe I’m called to? Will they create the sustainability I desire? Will all of this work be for nothing?

But in the end, I can’t deny I’ve been set up. The strategy, the resources, the open doors. They have all come just because I said “yes.”

What is in your life that you have not said “yes” to that you know you’re called to? 

What is that stirring in your heart and mind that won’t rest until it’s unleashed? 

What is your purpose that could inspire the spheres you’ve been stitched to? The ones secretly watching you?

I may not yet be where I’m going, but I have definitely come a long way. And from this vantage point, I can say with assurance that once you say “yes” you will be propelled into a world of miracles that can only be described as purpose.

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