This weekend has been FULL and it started with my Urban Stories Dialogue Small Group! In case you missed it, check out the video clips on my Youtube page. I was grateful for both those who showed up, and for those who wanted to!

In that dialogue, one of the questions was, “Have you ever had to ‘wait on God’? If so, what are some practical tools you used that helped in your wait”? Whew! Ya’ll already know what it is with me! I feel like I been waiting on Jesus FOREVA to bring this man. (Where he at Jesus??) But aside from that, just in general, God has typically used waiting in my story. Even stuff I thought was a “suddenly” was more like a, “suddenly this appeared after I had been waiting all this time”! LOL. But anyways, I can look back and say that the waiting was purposeful. In SO MANY ways, waiting grew my character, shifted/healed my mindset and helped me to grow spiritually. Overall, I would say that waiting has benefited me ultimately to become the woman I always wanted to be, and the woman I now am. (Go Jesus! You did that!)

That being said, you know how when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, and you are irritated/frustrated/mad as hell because you’re late to wherever it is you are trying to go? And then you get to your appointment only to receive favor and mercy so it wasn’t a big deal that you were late anyway? To top it off, you find out that you actually missed a really bad accident by being late to your appointment? Like, if you had been there just a few minutes earlier, that could have been you that was being hauled off in the ambulance with a totaled car? That’s how waiting is to me. It only makes the most sense in hindsight. While in it, I am usually annoyed out of my mind, but looking back it’s like “Ooooo!!! OK! Now I get it!”

I am in such an interesting season in this part of my life. I’m still waiting, but I am also moving at the same time. I am building and working to see the manifestation of the faint promises that are in my heart regarding my career and calling. Of course, I’m still waiting for that man too! LOL. But overall, its been an active waiting. Like I’m not just sitting here twiddling my thumbs people, waiting for him to find me. No. I’m going out. Meeting people. And making sure that I am SEEN when he decides he wants to look for me!

So anyways, I can honestly say that no matter how often I practiced this art of waiting on God, though it ain’t easy, it is rewarding. And God always comes through with the reward! Like when I wanted to buy my own house at age 25. I had the job. I had the stability, but He asked me to lay down that desire. And instead of living alone in the suburbs in a fly condo, I moved in with two perfect strangers in the middle of the hood. But God! My new roommates were also Caucasian, so there were some racial differences which resulted in even more of a faith journey. Whew! He sure does know how to stretch us! Now, here I am, some 13 years later, inhabiting my cute little bungalow as a single woman in a Black suburb. Look how He redeems! He gave me more than what I wanted! I just had to wait for it. And go through the process of becoming the woman capable of stewarding it.

There were other dreams I gave up so long ago that seem to be resurfacing in this season, like my desire to travel. When I was a college student getting ready to graduate, I thought I would be a missionary, or evangelist, and travel the world spreading the gospel. The LAST thing I wanted to do was live in Cleveland, Ohio! I was ready for the world! (OR so I thought). But God asked me to go home, and I’ve been here ever since. It took a good ten years for me to appreciate the beauty Cleveland has to offer (in that since, maybe God was waiting on ME to figure that one out). In my view, CLE is kind of like a diamond in the rough, which I totally relate to. We out here shining ya’ll, you just gotta chip away at the coal sitting on the rim to get to the shine! Now I enjoy every moment of my time spent in this city. But what make my time here sweeter, is that I also get to travel. I have been to several different islands and countries in the last few years, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of those experiences. Especially when I’ve gotten to share them with someone so dear.

Years ago, God told me, “Nicole, I’m not saying ‘No’. I’m just saying ‘Wait’.” Whew! I don’t know how you feel about hearing something like that, but for my “go getter, Type A self”, it was frustrating. On the one hand I’m glad you not saying ‘No’ Jesus. But on the other, I’m like, can we get moving please? Still, looking back, I can see He provides the grace to wait. Because truly “Even the youth will grow weary“! And I have definitely been weary ya’ll. But again, His grace is sufficient. And by it, I, and so many others like me, are still here.


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