The Level Up

September 5, 2022

By Nicole


This month there were a lot of open doors and I can see the Father rewarding me for moving forward by faith in building what is on my heart and, as I’m learning, what’s on His: a literary community that appreciates both Black culture and spirituality in the way that I deliver it. 

Years ago I received my first speaking engagement and my mom was physically present. She beamed at me with pride that night even though there were only a handful of those who braved the cold Cleveland winter to come see me speak. No matter the turnout, she was always proud.

I knew that small but intimate engagement in Lakewood Library was just the beginning. This month I’ve had two engagements where I was the featured expert. I realize the wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired on this writer’s path and all that I have to share with those dutifully ambling behind. In the midst of one panel discussion I was asked what helped me to make the transition from my business background in accounting to a writing career?

My answer was, mindset.

For so long I didn’t see myself as a writer (at least full time) so how could I possibly become one? (As a man thinks in his heart so is he). I realized while sharing that we are never going to be able to drive to our destination unless we can see where we are going. Similarly with entrepreneurs, we must first visualize the goal in order to complete it.

I was interviewing a woman for an article I’m doing for a paper I now write for. She’s known me for a while and she expressed in wonder the change that she’s seen. She asked if I had a business coach. I thought about it. No, I had not received coaching but my mindset did shift with the release of my last book. For me it wasn’t a result of renewing my mind from a business coach teaching and training me, it was my mind being renewed as a result of healing. It was choosing to be in agreement with the Father about His path for me.

It was a result of surrender.

I went on to share about the tough season I had been through when she and I connected. I was coming out of a lot of loss, trauma and pain. Her eyes softened in understanding and I knew that she had preconceived ideas about my previous mindset and behavior because she was lacking information.

How often do we judge others without knowing their full story?

I was in a business meeting this week where I was asked again, did I have a coach? I shared that I have mentors and community and support. I have resources and friends and love. But no. I do not have an actual “coach”.

The truth is though, God is my coach.

I receive downloads of strategy and insight into the blueprint of what needs to be done for elevation in my career. I sit and listen and move in a “knowing” of the plan. I have benefited greatly from mentors in my life and finding my tribe but when it comes to the technicality of crafting this writing career it has been very spiritual and intuitive for me. I simply can’t take credit.

The woman I interviewed viewed me in awe and pride and I took heed that I am on the right path based on her response. I understood the work the Father had done in me to get me to this point and what it looked like to someone from the outside. I was seeing myself through her eyes.

I have started this practice of seeing myself through the eyes of others who esteem me to thwart my own insecurities and fears.

“Lord, help me to see myself through your eyes”, is now a prayer.

I was talking to a friend about different influencers and people with platforms who I was coming across. I was in awe of some and had shared that with her. My friend responded and said, “I think God sees us in the way we see these people”. Wow. 

Again it goes back to mindset. If we see that we have wings then we can fly.

If we see that we have legs then we can dance.

If we see that we have power then we can move mountains.

But the hardest mountains to move are in our belief systems.

Once we move those, we can move anything else.

We will be unstoppable.

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