June 9, 2024

By Nicole


A friend recently caught me off guard with their statement that I knew a lot of people. I had to ask a different friend if the statement was true because she had known me for a long time. She affirmed that, yes, I did. I wrestled with this. Did I know a lot of people? I kept comparing myself with friends I felt knew a lot of people. They would have two, three, four times even the number of people turn up at their events compared to mine. They were masters at drawing large crowds and making connections. I felt my gift was in the small intimate settings. I am gifted with going deep, and you can’t really go deep with a lot of people. As a classic introvert, I thrive off of small groups and one-on-ones. It’s often that I’m receiving a professional service and spending much of that time in something rivaling a therapy session. I hesitate to use that word since I am no one’s certified therapist, but I think friendship can be great therapy. I have been a huge benefit of this kind of therapy for decades now.

In this season, I see the reaping of many years of being “small” in my career.

When you’re small for so long, it can be easy to develop a small mindset.

If you’re scrunched inside a small closet for hours, imagine how difficult it will be to stand tall once you’re finally freed. Your body will need time to snap back. Your eyes will need time to adjust to the light. I think that’s how it is when you start growing in your calling or career. You’re not used to things being larger than they were. You are definitely excited and rejoicing, but it takes a mindset switch to operate at this new level of increase. 

One thing I realize is that while I may not have always had the numbers, I have always been well-connected. Being well-connected doesn’t mean you connect with a lot of folks, but it means you are connecting with the right people to take you to the next level in your purpose. I have been blessed with key people in my life since my college years. Their love has buoyed me in the darkest of storms, and many of them are still here to buoy me today.

In this season, I have prayed for divine connections, collaborations, and partnerships. And do you know that prayer is being answered? But it wasn’t answered just because I prayed it. It was answered because

I had to show up with a mindset that I was the person I aimed to be. Share on X

I would be in rooms, and there would be prominent people there, and in my mind, I could never connect with them, and then suddenly, I was connecting with them. God was showing me I needed to correct my view of myself and see myself at the level I desired to be at. I kept doing this and taking one bold step in front of another, even if I had to walk alone. I had to walk in assurance, even if I was afraid.

I had to do it scared.

And that’s what brought forth the fruit manifesting in this season in rewards, accolades, and acknowledgments—in the growth of Girl Talk. I even received payment for an event for the first time last week in seven years. My God. It has been a journey…

(Very first speaking engagement at Lakewood Public Library)

I can say I almost missed the growth because amid the blessings, there, of course, have been difficulties. When you’re being simultaneously blessed and tested sometimes the pain can dim your view of the accomplishments. But I don’t think that is the Father’s intention. I think instead, He is doing it this way with me so that I know He is moving in spite of me, and He will receive all the glory. I cannot be exalted because He is the One being exalted in me.

I thank you all, dear readers, for rocking with me. It has been a long road, and we are still on this journey to the final destination, but I am finally seeing ground being made. I suspect there is more to come that is just around the corner. I hope you feel the same for your calling. It gets tough to believe when you don’t see a thing but the word on my heart these days is “suddenly.” Suddenly, there will be a shift. Suddenly, there will be a reward. Suddenly, there will be a manifestation of what we have been waiting for for so long. And suddenly, the new will emerge, and those who did not know who we were or what we were called to will have their eyes opened. Hopefully, it will inspire them too to walk in purpose. Thank you for helping me to walk in mine…

Are you a woman juggling multiple roles and responsibilities? Do you lead within your community, business, or household? If so, this event is for you!

What to Expect:

  • Inspiring Conversations: Engage in a dialogue on how women are able to “do it all”—mothers, sisters, friends, partners, community leaders, and entrepreneurs, just like you!
  • Vulnerable & Transparent Moments: Share and hear about the real experiences of female leaders, shedding their leadership hats to spill the tea on everything they go through behind the scenes.
  • Special Guest Influencer Micah Dixon: Be inspired by Micah’s journey and hard-taught life lessons to achieve advanced levels of success.
  • Complimentary Rémy Martin Liquor: Enjoy free drinks throughout the event as well as light refreshments.
  • Networking: Engage with fellow attendees after the event to make lifelong connections with like-minded individuals.

Don’t miss and RSVP Here! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/girl-talk-doing-it-all-tickets-914386985087?aff=oddtdtcreator


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