When God Wants You

May 2, 2022

By Nicole


I’ve been re-reading the gospels lately. For so much of my journey I saw our Creator as Father. This is primarily how He manifested Himself to me. This is what I needed most. But having gone through a few transformative seasons in my faith, I’ve often wondered about the Son and relating to Him through His Spirit. I know believing in a triune deity can be weighty and complex. I myself do not fully understand it. I only know the experiences I’ve had with this Eternal Being wooing me and sweeping me off my feet. Such experiences were confirmed through His Word. In our growing relationship (He and I) we have journeyed forward by faith. Him directing me on the path of life and purpose. Me struggling to follow at every turn. And so, 20 years later, here I stand.

My relationship with the Father has been heavily intimate. Even when I was not trying to be, He still was. But it’s only in recent years where I feel I’ve related more to Yeshua (Jesus), the Son. Years ago I received a word on my heart. “Nicole, you will know the compassion of Christ through His sufferings”. And so it began…the season of learning the Son’s sufferings. Not all, but some, and enough for me to develop compassion for people in a way I never had before. I’ve learned that Yeshua loves people more than people love people. He was here not to tell us what to do, but to show us the way. He was here to demonstrate love in the most powerful way. The cross.

In re-reading the gospels, and the story of the woman at the well, something stood out to me that never had before. Yeshua wanted her. He wanted her so much that it defied all reason and logic. He broke so many cultural rules to get her too. He wasn’t supposed to even be talking to her because she was a woman (we know this because his disciples marveled at that fact). Then he wasn’t even supposed to be talking to her because she was a Samaritan. Then He wasn’t supposed to be talking to her because she was a “sinner”. In laymen’s terms, the woman had boo’s. She was out there, ya’ll. But you know what? Christ didn’t care. He wanted her even more.

He initiates the conversation. He keeps engaging her until He reveals Himself. Yeshua was so intentional with all that He did. He did not give Himself so freely to just anyone. He did not tell everyone so plainly who He was. There are so many instances where He uses parables even with his own disciples, leaving them shrouded in the mystery of His identity. But with this woman, He did no such thing. He told her plainly that He was the Christ. Why was that?

I believe it was because He wanted her that badly. I believe as soon as He laid eyes on her at that well, He knew she was His. He knew she belonged to His Father. I believe it was the same when He laid eyes on me. 

Can you imagine, the Creator of all things, the One who holds the universe in the palm of His hand, the One who exists outside of time itself, who implemented time? That same Being, wants you? Knows you? Completely? Architected purpose and a plan for your existence? Did not just randomly throw pieces and parts of you together like DNA, personality, and intellect. Did not just mold you as an afterthought but was intentional to plant you in your family, city and community. Intentional to invest gifts, talents and ideas inside of your being to fulfill your destiny.

And then, made sure that you would be His by sending His Son, the Christ. Wow.

What love is this? What desire is this? What passion is this?

I see His desire in the fruits of my life. I was like that woman at the well in so many ways. But one encounter with Him and you have to tell the world. “Come see a man who told me all that I ever did!” she exclaims (John 4:29). She is changed.

That is the beauty of love. It transforms you. You don’t stay the same. You can’t.

It’s been a wild love story these 20 years with God. Not easy, but beautiful because He never gives up on His. His love always prevails.

And we always prevail through His love.

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  1. Lianna

    This is utterly moving and really speaks to me. Thank you so much for writing!

    • Nicole M.

      Thank you so much for reading and for sharing that! Makes me think my words are helping someone LOL 🙂