When You Least Expect It

August 13, 2023

By Nicole


Have you ever found yourself in a situation that seemed overwhelming? The odds felt stacked against you. The hardships rolled in one after another, and maybe not just your hardships but ones of those around you? 

That’s definitely how I’ve felt this season. I can honestly say this has been the most challenging season on me physically of my life. I told one of my besties that I had finally felt healthy for the first time in three years. It was a temporary moment, though, because within weeks, I ate those words and was back in the doctor’s office dealing with my newest ailment. It’s been a journey of learning to trust the Divine when I can’t see the outcome, and yet every time He meets me with His promises and truth. 

We are called to be healed. 

We are called to be whole. 

When I experienced my latest setback, I thought it was due to a slipped disk. My chiropractor shared that if it was a slipped disk, it would take 6 whole weeks to heal. Who in their right mind has 6 whole weeks to be sitting around the house? Even a writer like me is not about that life. However, when we got my MRI imaging back, we learned that it was not a slipped disk. I was shocked that much pain did not result from an actual slipped disk. But then I figured, well, if it’s not that, then that means I can heal faster. Immediately I felt Holy Spirit was pleased with this response because this was His perception. And then, as confirmation, my chiropractor said the exact thing. It was like the Father was teaching me to renew my mind and look at the positive. This can be difficult when you’re in pain because physical pain influences you emotionally. Reality appears darker, and it really does a number on your psyche. 

But guess what happened? I started healing and, within less than two weeks, felt significantly better.

Before that two weeks, I could only sleep on one side, could not sit upright for too long, could not sneeze or cough without agony, and was in constant pain. But in less than two weeks, my pain level dropped from an 8-9-10 to a 2-3. Wow. It was miraculous. 

Now, I knew that I was not fully healed and that my body is even still recovering as I type these words, but the reduction in pain was magical.

And that’s when I understood that even though I was in pain, I was still healing. Share on X

I think we can apply that to our emotional state as well. When we go through hardship, hurt, loss, death, etc… As time passes, we may still be experiencing that pain, but that does not mean we are not healing. If we are doing the things needed to heal, we will heal.

I remember years ago experiencing my very first breakup. It was ROUGH. And it wasn’t just rough from losing the person I was in love with. It was rough due to the way he had broken up with me. It was traumatic and took years for me to recover (Want to learn more? Click here). There was a word my spiritual mentor at the time had given me. She said that I went through a season of discovery and was now entering a season of recovery.

I was astounded to hear those words. How could God view this devastating heartbreak I had just experienced as a “discovery?” As if I had just discovered that the love of my life didn’t want me anymore and made a savage attempt to knock the life out of me.

But in my maturity and being more removed from the situation, I can understand that the Divine sees those rough seasons we go through as catalysts to our purposes. Those ugly, hard things are not to take us out but instead to launch us into our true identities of who we will ultimately become. That being said, what feels so overwhelming, daunting, and magnified will one day be just a lesson for us to learn to continue on in the class of life.

Even more recently, I was able to be in the presence of someone who had hurt me deeply. This person tried to minimize, control and manipulate me. There was a time when thoughts of them consumed me, and I didn’t think I could withstand the physical distance between us. But then, this particular day came, and being around them meant nothing to me. I knew it was because I was healed. I was so far removed from the hurt they had inflicted that their presence didn’t phase me at all.

But God.

It is a beautiful thing that we are made to heal. Our bodies, minds, and spiritual consciousness want to return to being whole when each is fragmented. It is just about finding the right tools and resources for that to happen. 

For my physical needs, God has provided a stellar healthcare team who has my best interest at heart. They all just so happen to be small businesses and Black-owned. 

And for my emotional and spiritual journey, all those setbacks, heartbreaks, and mental roller coasters, well, He has knit together a great unit in my life for that too.

Stay tuned for more on that note.

For now, if you’re looking for a crew of professional, highly-qualified, caring, well-intentioned health professionals in the Cleveland area, check out my list below.

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