I’m writing my memoir right now. It’s interesting stuff because it came out of nowhere. I had a few divine instances that occurred, which I’ll share more on later, that led to this happenstance. The funny thing is, I never saw myself writing a memoir and wasn’t even entirely sure I knew what one was. But, I was sitting in a writing conference session last month, and the speaker was sharing how he had written and published his memoir. He was 24. He added how people were surprised he had written one because he was so young. But he wrote what he knew: his extensive travel experiences.

I kept that in my mind, still having no idea that within a few weeks, I would be doing the same thing: writing what I know.

In writing about my journey, I am seeing patterns and gaining even more insight into what the Father’s plan has been for my life. One thing that stands out is that there are these periods of clusters of hard things.

I never realized that my grandmother passed away only a year after my ex-fiance and I broke up. A year after my grandmother passed, I went through a difficult time of unemployment, where I lost my hair due to the level of anxiety I had. There was a high period in college, three years of testing, and another high period. Of course, with the passing of a loved one and the loss of my ex, I was still grieving and recovering, but the Father is faithful to give us rewards in our lives. He wants us to know that our pain is not for not.

That’s what I’m learning writing my memoir. Our pain has purpose.

It is one thing to suffer in this life because it is full of hard things. But it is another to choose to suffer. For Him. Click To Tweet

God likes to speak to me through movies. Am I the only one?

I love me a good female heroine. One of my favorite movies is Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen is no joke. The thing is, she doesn’t even know it. She is the protagonist with a team of bad asses in the sequel (Hunger Games: Catching Fire). The whole team’s strategy is for her to be the heroine, and the face of their revolution, but she has no clue. She is just trying to survive.

The revelation that comes to me through this movie is the sequence of the attacks in the form of a clock. The teams’ enemies seem to be randomly trying to take them out in this jungle, yet when they go higher, they can see the enemy is attacking them in the formation of a clock.

God was giving me a word about going up higher to understand His times and seasons and learn how the enemy was attacking in my life. He was also speaking about going through another spiritual test I had already passed.

Katniss had already won the games, and the rules said that she would never have to fight in the games again. Yet here she was, back in the games.

But sometimes, we go back through a difficult thing, not because we didn’t learn our lesson the first time, but because we need to complete a cycle. Click To Tweet

I was completing a cycle when I went back through my test. I was helping to break a generational curse.

I was at step class the other day (I’m so grateful to be back stepping after my injury a few months ago!), and my instructor (shout out to Ari Baker!) said something that stuck with me. She said, “If you do something once, you can do it again.”

Then, I heard the same message somewhere else.

Often, we can become discouraged when we find ourselves facing the same struggle or combatting the same demons.

But be encouraged because if we did it once, we can do it again.

If you overcame once, you will overcome again.

When you’re an overcomer, you always win. You can’t help but to.

It’s in your DNA.

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