You Know You Know God When…

June 7, 2021

By Nicole


You know you serve a magnificent God when you are staring at mountains that have the audacity to reach the sky! I mean, clouds are freaking dancing in circles around their very tip tops. SMH. You are driving and navigating on roads that were paved in between them, making your way up, up, up!


It is so spectacular to visit historical landmarks that have been there way before you were thought of, or your mother was thought of, or her mother was thought of (you get the picture). And then to meet a native group of people who were successful in harboring the jewels of their language, culture, and customs. Well, let’s just say, was icing on the cake!

You know God loves you when your feet are sifting through white sandy beaches, and your legs are wading in blue-clear waters.

You know your God is with you when the woman who sacrificed so much for you, but didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of her labor herself, made provision for you to.

In case you were wondering what in the world I am talking about, I just took a trip to the beautiful Island of Honolulu (insert smiling emoji). I know. I know. It’s crazy. In the midst of a world-wide pandemic, one of my best friends and I have been able to take not just 1, but TWO vacations in less than 6 months.


And while I fully expected the whole laying on the beach, playing in the sand vacay experience, what I did not realize was that what would be one of the greatest take-aways for me, was the connectivity that all of us humans have to nature, and to each other.

As soon as I heard the Hawaiian people’s native calls echoing in the atmosphere, chills caressed my arms while my mind flashed back to a time that I didn’t even exist in, when African tribal groups exuded a similar sound. I knew in that moment, we were all the same. So many cultures have that same history of tribal people groups, navigating the land God gave them. Being good to it, and reaping from the benefit of those nurturing acts. Thus began the spectacular cycle existing in life-giving environments. The land was good to the people, they were good to the land, and in return, it flourished.

Learning about the Hawaiian people’s ability to meet their needs through the land, brought tears to my eyes. And even in the midst of the dehumanizing experience of colonization, they still alchemized their resources, birthing them into sustaining products and inventions.

For six whole days, I experienced another world, where people just seemed at PEACE. Every nationality I met and every people group I encountered were at ease. And for the very first time in all of my travels in the last few years, I did not experience the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) racism that I normally encounter on these excursions.

Life is so full of the unexpected and I’m immensely grateful to have experienced so many of God’s good surprises!






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Truly the best is yet to come, and we know that He ALWAYS saves His best (wine) for last 🙂


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