Almost There

October 24, 2022

By Nicole


I’m blogging in a hotel room after a very long day of waiting. Waiting for readers to buy my books. Waiting for writers to purchase my services. Waiting to make a profit. Waiting. So much of this entrepreneur excursion is waiting. And that’s what the tweets and the posts, and the pictures fail to show.

The waiting. The investing. The time.

I recently talked to a friend who’s been at this thing for almost a decade. I marveled at his tenacity and ability to believe all this time. What keeps you motivated when it hasn’t happened (yet)? I asked, breathlessly awaiting his response. He looked at me very seriously and said, “It’s kind of like when you need to go to the bathroom, and you feel the strain on your bladder with each moment that eeks by. The longer the time that passes, the worse the urge to go gets. But the fact is, you’re getting closer and closer to the restroom. Mentally you know you’re almost there, but because you know you’re almost there, the anxiety to get there increases. The urge feels heavier because the journey to relieve yourself is almost over. That’s how this is. I know that because I feel this way, it means I’m almost there.

Wow. Such perspective (and a little humorous, I might add). I marvel at the way entrepreneurs are wired. They believe despite how crazy the idea can seem to others. They believe regardless of the years that tik away on the clock. They believe.

A year and a half ago, I was riding in my car with one of my besties. We were gearing up for my book launch for Urban Stories. I said to her, “What if this actually works?” It dawned on me at that moment that this writing thing could actually take off. Even though I was going through the motions of publishing and promoting, there was still an unknown that lurked in my mind. I’ve heard other successful entrepreneurs discuss this. It’s like, you know, but there is still that unknowing.

The publishing of Urban Stories ignited something inside of me. It was my turning point when I decided to get serious and be all in. God knows when we are all in.

He also knows when we are not.

I had been holding back for years and not pursuing my writing wholeheartedly because I was afraid to fail. Who makes it as a writer? straddled my mind. I am not a real writer, plagued my belief system. But then I decided, I’m just going to do it scared.

Once I did it scared, I was blown away. I told a new friend this today as we sat waiting together. She, for the writers’ organization that influenced my first short stories, and me, as a now Author turned Publishing Company. I was able to share with her about so many of the doors that have flown open once I obeyed that inner knowing from the One who speaks. I shared that one of my most incredible moments was meeting my all-time favorite author and having him offer to assist me in my quest as an Indie Author. Wow.

Those are the moments that bring such hope for the future.

When my back feels as if it’s on fire because of an injury I had last year and no doctor or chiropractor can find the solution, and I’ve been up since 3 AM editing profusely to make my own self-imposed deadline for the pre-sale for my first novel, then drive an hour, half asleep to a writer’s conference to keep this commitment, only to wait several hours with minimal book sales, and I’m cramping with my cycle and worried about my love life and grieving lost loved ones…

Those are the vital moments needed to motivate me that: This could actually work.

I’m now in the final stages of editing my novel. Last night, as I began crafting together the table of contents, realization struck: I’m almost done. It’s always weird when I get to this stage because I know I’m getting closer and closer but I’m not quite there yet. When the book cover is complete (which it is), and the final manuscript is done (which it’s not), I know my book baby is about to be born, and I will see it face-to-face. SOON.

This time around, everything is taken up a notch. I’m having a 6-month pre-sale, which I’ve never done before, just as the big publishers do (Yay! Go Me). I’m doing a book cover reveal and hired a specialized marketing team to implement the pre-sale strategy. We’re offering bundles, coupons, and freebies (keep your eyes peeled). This is all in addition to working with two new clients for the publishing company, re-branding it, networking, marketing, hosting, and creating the website.

It’s like, who am I?, is what I’m thinking, and, OMG, this is actually working!

Yesterday when a friend visited, her mind seemed distracted, but her eyes were bright, and her energy was radiant. She had just come from an interview and is currently spearheading a major function in Cleveland. She’s soaring in the realms of purpose and influence. She is also stressed, stretched, and pulled in multiple directions. But with every pull, I can tell, she’s thrilled.

I resonate with the adrenaline clearly coursing through each word she speaks. It is this adrenaline and excitement that keeps us going when we have those hard days or we don’t see the outcome we want right away. This call, this purpose, this thing, is pulling on us to dump, pour, unleash everything that has been stuffed inside. NOW. RIGHT NOW.

That’s how I feel about this book. That is how I feel about When Love Wins. 

For 2 and 1/2 years, I have been investing everything I have into this book project. I know for me, there is a time limit to see the ultimate output for my career. The ultimate growth that I know I’m called to. And as much as I can feel drained and depleted and discouraged when I don’t see that ultimate outcome, just the thought of it actually happening one day causes me to thrust myself forward, in urgent expectation, almost extreme desperation. The idea that I could see the manifestation of what I know was promised so many years ago: 

A platform. 

A really big one. 

In the next coming weeks, you will come across lots of marketing and promo and alerts about my beloved debut novel. Thank you for your support and for being an essential part of my audience’s conception!

Every blog you read/share, every social media post you like, and every comment you make, is all a part of furthering the message deposited inside of me:

That we are loved. That we are His. And that love always wins.

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